TDC Union

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Union of TDC
Flag of TDC
Common Flag used (Top) Official Flag Used (Bottom)
of TDC
Coat of arms
Anthem: Due North by Michael Sweeney
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentFederal Communist state
• Eternal President of the Union
Jason I
• Vice President
LegislatureGrand Senate of the Union
• Forming of the Union
~ April 2022
• Estimate
~ 35
• Census
Time zoneEastern Standard Time
Date formatmm/dd/yy
Driving sideright Side
Calling codeN/A, +1
Preceded by
Succeeded by
United Republic of Potato
Tree Dust Clan
TDC Empire

The TDC Union was the predecessor state of the current TDC Empire. The Union was founded sometime during March or April of 2022, no exact date exists as most documents of the time were deleted.


The abbreviation TDC stands for Tree Dust Clan, which can be traced to late 2021.


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The History of the TDC Union can be loosely connected from verbal historical accounts and a small Discord Archive, however many events are unkown.


The Formation of the Union was sometime during March or April of 2022. Prior to this the Nations of the United Republic of Potato and Tree Dust Clan had friendly diplomatic relations and were allies. The two nations were first allied after the current Duke of Askia intoduced Jason I to the President of the United Republic of Potato.

National purge

During the time between Feburary and May of 2022 most national documents and records were deleted or destroyed.


The Government of the TDC Union was not highly organized and makes very little sense. The Government itself is a mix of the systems Democracy, Socialism, Marxism–Leninism, Imperialism and Tribalism. The main Legislature was made up of the Grand Senate of the Union which itself was made up of elected officials.


constituent states

The Union was made out of two constituent states, being Tree Dust Clan and the United Republic of Potato. The Untied Repulbic of Potato was the lesser of the two states and did not contribute much to the Union, this being one of the reason the later TDC Empire was founded.


Being a mix of Ideologies the idea of colonies was loosely related to Communist Political Imperialism used by the Soviet Union after the second world war, with colonies functioning as satellite states. Colonies of the Union were: Old Jersey (Now Defunt), Askya (Now the Duchy of Askia and the Ayska Colony), Alvesta (Now the Grand Duchy of Alv), Russo-China (Now the Kingdom of Podat) and Hamardistan (Now the Autonomous Duchy of Hamardistan)

Foreign Relations

The Union was fairly Isonationalist, with it's only ally being the Kingdom of Scynja and the Kingdom of Aldonia. The Union itself had no foreign policy.