Suntrainien local elections, 2014

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Suntrainien Local Elections, 2014
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29 October 2014

6 governorships and mayorships
  First party Second party
Leader Sam Mathew
Party Socialist Party of Suntrain Mathew United Party
Leader since 2013 2014
Seats before 3 governorships 1 governorships
Seats won 3 governorships [1] 3 governerships [2]
Seat change [3] 2 [4]
Popular vote 22 15
Percentage 59.46 % 37.84%
Mayorships 4 2

The 2014 Suntrainien Local Elections were held on Wednesday, 29 October 2014. It was be the first democratic election in the Republic and had a turnout of 47.5%. 19 out of the 40 eligible voters decided the Governors of each state and the Mayor of each municipality. The election resulted in both the SPS and the MUP winning the same amount of governors, but with the SPS winning two more mayorships. The newly-established states of Mugtrain and Vilanus elected their first ever governors, respectively.

The election was conducted using first past the post and was held on the same day as the STSO state Legislative Assembly elections.


The announcement that Suntrain's first local election was to be held was announced merely a week before the election itself. The election was overseen by the Suntrainien Electoral Commission and featured a higher-than expected turnout. Just a week before the election, Sam Mathew split from the SPS to create the Mathew United Party, with several former SPS members such as Sean Lu following. In every state except Vilanus, where an independent also ran, the election was only between MUP and SPS.

The campaign lasted for about a week, which saw fierce campaigning, often negative. Both parties also on a number of occasions "stole" each other's candidates and then nominated them. The main issues discussed was the culture of Mugtrain and the way the country is run. Although both the MUP and the SPS have very similar ideologies, there were debates concerning potential Mugtrainien independence, the organisation of the government and the transfer of more power to states

The SPS beat the MUP in terms of the popular vote, but was tied in the number of governorship. Initially, both parties won two state governors, with two states' election tied. This tie was later broken by the House of Representatives where the SPS negotiated to have the position of Governor of Mugtrain awarded to Sean Lu and Governor of Vilanus to Daniel Louis, while also allowing the respectful SPS candidates to get the position of mayors of Mugger and Vilanus City.


e • d Summary of the 29 October 2014 Suntrainien Local Election
Party Governorships Mayorships Total seats
Votes % Seats +/- Votes % Seats +/- Seats +/- %
Socialist Party of Suntrain 11 59.4% 3 10 58.7% 4 4 7 4 58.3%
Mathew United Party 6 33.3% 3 2 7 41.1% 2 2 5 4 41.6%
Independents 1 5.5% 0 0 0% 1 1 1 1 8.3%


  1. Includes one governorship elected by the House of Representatives after a draw
  2. Includes one governorship elected by the House of Representatives after a draw
  3. Includes the newly-established states of Mugtrain and Vilanus
  4. Includes newly-established states of Mugtrain and Vilanus