Succession to the Førvanian throne

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The succession to the Førvanian throne is determined by relation to the current Emperor or Empress. The current qualifications for becoming monarch consists of being related to the inaugural monarch, Emperor Nicholai I, and being a Førvanian citizen.

The current line of succession is:

Førvanian Royal Family
Førvania coat of arms.jpg

On Emperor Nicholai's father's side:

On Emperor Nicholai's mother's side:

      • 0: HA Emperor Nicholai I of Førvania, Khan-Lord of Modest Island

On the Emperor's father's side:

On the Emperor's mother's side:

At this point, the lineage to the throne breaks down. However, a law bought in by Emperor Nicholai I in September 2015 meant that the lineage to the throne would then pass to other relatives of Emperor Nicholai that were not Førvanians.

The * denotes that that person are below the age of 12, and thus unable to rule.