Stokehill Republic

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Stokehill Republic
Motto: To Heavens & Beyond
Anthem: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
File:Exeter, UK.
and largest city
Official languagesBritish English, Russian
• President-for-life
Danil/Dillon Teare
• Vice President
LegislatureRulership Office
EstablishmentMay 2018
• Census
Time zoneGMT

The Stokehill Republic is a state established in 2018, claiming the area of Stoke Hill. The state is governed by 6 representatives, the MP3's.


Early Prehistory

The Stoke Hill area was,and still is,a strategic spot. If a cannon is placed near Mincinglake Park, all of Exeter can be destroyed. Oliver Cromwell, when invading Exeter, a royalist stronghold, situated his camp at that very spot. Even the Roman's recognized the usefulness of Stoke Hill and placed a fort at the summit. The Stoke Hill only really ends at Stoke Canon, meaning Stoke Hill Road is the longest road in Exeter.

Late Prehistory

Stoke Hill means the daughter settlement on a hill in Old English (according to Longman, Settlement Patterns by JA Everson & B P FitzGerald). Once, Exeter was a tiny city. It didn't expand beyond it's city walls. Green valley & hill surrounded and the Exe slowly snaked by. Stoke Hill was a mile or so away. But in the 1980's Stoke Hill was incorporated into the City of Exeter. But the boundaries of this predator city stop at the summit of the hill. This will forever be the northern boundary of Exeter.


At an Exeter school, in November 2017, 2 friends created Bayaken. Bayaken had a currency, a geographical association, a system of roads, a declaration of independence & a cabinet of ministers. But, Bayaken had no land, being an imaginary world. But now, land was needed, urgently. And the land was found: a bush. Danil , one of the founders, was proclaimed Chief General as award for this great find. Citizenship was now 12 and growing...

Coup d'état

The Supreme Leader of the Republic of Bayaken, Mike, was extremely incompetent. Under him, the value of the Stokehillian Rouble collapsed. The Armed Forces under Nerf-gun point, forced Mike to abdicate. The Chief General became president. Mike created the Sovereign Republic of Jeffitoland, and invaded a Bayakenian outpost in the Snow War of 2018

Founding of the Stokehill Republic

Bayaken retreated back into it's preceding status of fictional country in May 2018. The short-lived Republic of Lydia was created to control the land claims of Bayaken, but on the 18th May 2018, it fell. On the 19th May, at 7:30AM Greenwich Time, the Stokehill Republic was proclaimed.


The Tedikist Era

Tedik, a 20-human year old teddy bear, played a crucial role in the early Stokehill era & the Republic of Lydia era. When Bayaken fell, a large crisis happened. Tedik led the Bayaken Reform of 2018 in record times, saving Bayaken from breaking up. He founded the Republic of Lydia, established diplomatic relationships with Jeffland, founded various ministries & established a new political idea: Tedikism. Tedikism is what you get if you cross dictatorship with democracy. In the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, there is a the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled and the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled. If you replace the Right Honourable the Lords Spiritual and Temporal of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in Parliament assembled with a dictator who verifies the acts of Commoners, you wake up to have Tedikism.

The Age of Enlightenment

The Age of Enlightenment was when: a) the dictator was replaced with a president-for-life, and b) A new lamp was installed in the HQ. The last act to be officially verified by the dictator was Act 3, the contents of which shall be presented in the following sub-section.

Act 3

We, the members of the Lower court, humbly present this following document, which if verified by His Ultimate Dictatorship shall go to power after 2 minutes. We promise, with hands and paws on the Magna Carta, that this act was voted 100% Yes , 0% no by the Lower court members. The full name of this act shall be: Act 3, whose purpose is to introduce a new system of government to the Republic of Stokehill

I. The Republic of Stokehill shall be controlled by 2 house's: Citizens House and the House of Representative's. The sole purpose of the House of Representative's is to verify decisions by the Citizen's House. II. The dictator of the Stokehill Republic shall be transferred to President-for-life. III. Membership of Citizens House is open and unlimited, unlike the House of Representative's which have only 6 seats.

The Militarisation period

Stokehill Republic has to defend itself against UK aggression. On the 18th May 2018, UK citizens launched an attack on the two human representatives, when those two where discussing diplomatic relationships. Instantly, Mike & Danil fought back with words on the diplomatic stage, but they just got littered with abuse. In aftermath, Stokehill Republic established the Armed Forces, utilised a precious 3 metre squared piece of arable land as an air base, created a new series of aeroplanes and started controlling all airspace above the Stokehill Republic, but this act was violated by FlyBe. The country is currently in the Militarisation period.

Political parties

In the May elections, the parties which participated in the House of Representative Election, with results out of 6, where:

Name Founded Ideology Location Seats of Both Chambers Leader Motto
Communist-Scientist League 2018 Communism & Respect to scientists Left
3 / 6
Uguha "Respect for Clever people through disrespect to the Rich"
Constitutionalist Party(Anti-Reform) 2018 Constitutionalism N/A
1 / 6
Kotik "Bring our precious constitution back!"
Tedikist Party(Pro-Reform) 2018 Tedikism Right
2 / 6
Tedik "Bring back power of democracy! Bring back dictatorship! Let it be fair!"
Green-Nationalist Party 2018 Militarism & Green Far-Right
0 / 6
Tediksson "Our country is ours! Fight all enemies! Promote ecology whilst using nuclear energy! :)"
Industrial Progress Party 2018 Industrialism N/A
0 / 6
Oliver Naysayer "Make our economy stronger by polluting!"

The winner was the giant Communist-Scientist League.


A grand plan has been voted into power to make a virtual currency for the republic. This currency was released in October 2018, though only for citizens.


The Stokehill Republic navy is made of paper boats. The first flagship, Nautilus, was the first Stokehill-made ship, soon followed by 7 more. In total 11 ships are in the navy. All but 4 ships where destroyed. The flagship is currently called "Aurora", and is made out of a A1 sheet of cardboard. Nearly invincible, it's port of call is Port Montgomery, on Lake Montgomery, near Mont Gomery, in the Montgomery district.


The Future is rather good-looking: expansion of seats, more serious claims & more citizens. Currently, the only government offices are To His Presidency the Suppliers of Geographical Information & Surveying equipment and The Government Office Of Geographical Measurements, also known as The Geographical Society of Stokehill. Plans to expand the offices to the: IT Office & the Ministry of Foreign affairs have been reviewed in June, and will be inaugurated in June 2019.