Port Montgomery

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Port Montgomery is a port in the Montgomery district of the Stokehill Republic, serving the aforementioned places. One of the only port's in the republic, it is, alongside Port Benjamin and Port-On-The-Sumber, an over-invested temporary settlement.


Port Montgomery is a nucleated settlement, situated on the crossing of the scenic Lake Montgomery Ring Road and the Lake Benjamin Ring Road. At the the intersection of these roads is the Silver Greyhound, a museum & pub, Hotel David - Tediksson's favorite hotel - and a large docking centre with customs.In to total the size of the port is 60 cm squared.


0 permanent, 12 temporary: 2 unknowingly, 10 consciously.


Port Montgomery was not established as a sea port for the whole republic, but was established to oversee the tests of the Stokian navy. The horrible Sinking of the Nautilus happened just 5 cm off Port Montgomery, which was then de jure not established. Port Montgomery, with the whole of the Montgomery district holds the record of the only area which contributes income to the Republic. Foreign diplomats, de facto of the UK, obviously encourage the republic to close the whole district. Port Montgomery was created in the same time as the City of Bed, Port Benjamin and Port-On-The-Sumber.