Montgomery district

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Montgomery District

Provincia Secreto of the Stokehill Republic
Exeter, Devon, UK
CapitalPort Montgomery
Founded26th May 2018
Population10-12 temporary(symbolic), 0 permanent
GovernmentHouse of Representatives, House of Citizens
MP for Port MontgomeryUguha Alexandrovna
The Montgomery District is a crucial naval centre.

The Montgomery District is the only district which brings profit, at least a tiny one, with a fully independent economy of itself. It is the most populated district, even though its population is only symbolic. It has a booming naval industry, 3/4 of the ports and consequently 80% cargo is theirs. The only travel agency, AquaTravel, is based in the Montgomery District. One seat in the House of Representatives is granted, currently being controlled by Uguha Alexandrovna, the head of the Communist-Scientist League, the leading party in the House of Representative's. There was a high chance of her losing this seat for the opposing Industrial Progress Party in the upcoming June 2018 Elections, until the President-for-life stated that he shall run for election for the District. At a visit to Montgomery District, the President-for-life announced that he shall write up the constitution. As this was the aim of the Constitutionalist Party, the party had to discharge.