Snow War of 2018

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Snow War of 2018
DateSeptember 18th - September 20th
Bayaken boundaries, Fort Zorine
Status Fort Zorine destroyed
Stokehill Republic 3 UK citizens & the Jeffito military.
Commanders and leaders
Danil Mike
3 in first half, 4 in the second 2

The Snow War of 2018 was a major conflict between the UK and Bayaken/Stokehill Republic. 2 were injured by a snowball during the Bayakenian Slyness Attack.


In Russia, there is a tradition to make a snow fort and afterwards destroy it in a battle. So, when snow fell in Exeter the Russian community in Stoke Hill headed to make a fort. The fort was proclaimed property of Bayaken.


A lawn covered with snow and a footpath breaking the lawn in half. Bayaken in fort, JUK are not.

First Attack

The First attack was initiated by the Jeffito & UK alliance (thereafter JUK). The JUK army hid on the footpath. The defenders of the fort bombarded the JUK army, but the JUK attacked the fort in its front. A large slab of the fort's wall was broken. After this assault, cowardly JUK retreated.

Second Attack

2min after retreating, Bayaken attacked the land to the West of the fort. From there, 4 snowballs were thrown, all hitting the JUKians. One snowball injured one enemies ear. The Bayaken Museum of Warfare had since established a history reserve in this spot.

Third Attack

After this attack,the JUK attacked. He ran into the wall of the fort, splattering the noble Bayakenians with snow. Danil lead the defense, and had been injured in the nose with a large 21 by 21 cube of snow.

First counter-attack

The inhabitants of the fort ran to get supplies of snow, and Mike (JUK) occupied the fort. He had been forcefully expelled from the fort, but had no injuries.

Peace treaty

After the First counter-attack, a ceasefire was called. For a year, the heroic moment in Bayaken history was forgotten. The leaders of Jeffitoland & Bayaken's successor, the Stokehill Republic began the Treaty of Easter.