Sonoran Senate

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Senate of the Republic of Sonora
Sonoran Senate
Senado de la Republica de Sonora (Spanish)
1st Session of the Senate of the Republic
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TypeUpper House of National Assembly
President of the RepublicDiana Smith, SNP
since August 15, 2018
Prime MinisterTitus Smith, SPP
since August 15, 2018
Chancellor of the SenateBuster McCovey, SPP
since August 15, 2018
Senate Minority LeaderJackson Eugenus, SNP
since August 15, 2018
Political groupsGovernment:
Progressive Front (12)
SPP (9)
Liberals (3)
SNP (7)
Voting systemProportional representation with 15% threshold
Last electionAugust 9–12, 2018
Meeting place
Video chat (some members)
Assembly Hall, People's Palace (de jure)

The Senate of the Republic of Sonora (Spanish: Senado de la Republica de Sonora) is the upper house of the National Assembly of the Republic of Sonora. It is comprised of 19 elected officals from various states throughout the nation through proportional representation. Currently, the Senate is composed of 9 Patriots, 3 Liberals and 7 Nationals with the SPP and Liberals forming the majority government under the Progressive Front banner. The Senate is responsible for hearing, drafting, and voting on legislation and for electing the heads of the opposition and the leader of the Senate, the Chancellor. The Senate also is responsible for voting, in Joint Session with the People's Council, for the Prime Minister of Sonora.