Sonoran Baseball League

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Sonoran Baseball League
Formation12 December 2018
TypeProfessional Baseball League
HeadquartersClackamas, Cascadia
Membership4 teams
CommissionerBuster McCovey
Chief Operations OfficerCali bear
Chief Financial OfficerTitus Smith

The Sonoran Baseball League (SBL) is a professional baseball league in the Sonoran Confederation. The league is managed by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. It was established on December 12, 2018 by then-Sonoran President Buster McCovey who is known for his passion and love for baseball and his idea of creating a baseball league for the Sonoran people. McCovey assumed the role as SBL Commissioner on December 13, 2018. An official start to the 1st Season of SBL play began on March 12, 2019. The two top performing teams will play each other in a best-of-seven championship at the end of the season called the "Sonora Series".


The Sonoran Baseball League was first conceived in November 2018 by the socialist Premeir Titus Smith and Buster McCovey. After the fall of the Sonoran Soviet Union and democratization of the nation, McCovey put his passion for baseball to work and started the creation of Sonora's first sports league with the help of Minister of Culture, Cali Bear. On December 12, it was announced the creation of a league and the search for players and teams had begun. The following day, McCovey has assumed Commissioner duties for the league with Cali Bear operating as Chief Operations Officer. The first few teams established were the Marxia Reds, Petigrad Chargers, Yulyul Natives, and Dorada Nationals. In January, financial difficulty for the league and the potential land grant to Sonora in California or Oregon put progress on hold. In late January a land grant was given to Sonora in Portland, Oregon and the Yulyul Natives folded in favor of the new Animalian capital of Pawtucket and the Marxia Reds opted for play in Clackamas instead. The Pawtucket Rivercats announced their acceptance into the League on February 11 and the Clackamas Reds announcing they were now active and ready to start play. The same day, Buster McCovey announced that official league play would began sometime in March following the elections as to have all eyes on baseball rather than politics. On March 5, the Reds announced they were changing their name to the Natives. On March 11, the Pawtucket Rivercats (to be more animal inclusive) changed their name to the Riverpaws. The league began play on March 12. On April 7, Buster McCovey announced that the league will continue play until May 12 with a championship game to be held May 16.


The four teams for the Inaugural 2019 Season, along with their standings.

Clackamas Natives Pawtucket Riverpaws Dorada Nationals Petigrad Chargers
Stadium: McCovey Park Animalian National Stadium Dorada Field Petigrad Park
City: Clackamas, Cascadia Pawtucket, Animalia Dorada City, Doradan Republic Petigrad, Animalia
Standings 9-0 4-5 5-4 0-9


March 12: Pawtucket @ Clackamas 12pm
Petigrad @ Dorada 3pm
March 16: Dorada @ Clackamas 1pm
March 17: Pawtucket @ Petigrad 1pm
March 18: Pawtucket @ Dorada 1pm
March 21: Clackamas @ Petigrad 1pm
March 22: Clackamas @ Dorada 1pm
March 25: Petigrad @ Pawtucket 1pm
March 26: Petigrad @ Clackamas 1pm
March 31: Dorada @ Pawtucket 1pm
April 5: Clackamas @ Pawtucket 12pm
Dorada @ Petigrad 3pm
April 10: Clackamas @ Dorada 12pm
Pawtucket @ Petigrad 3pm
April 11: Clackamas @ Petigrad 12pm
Pawtucket @ Dorada 3pm
April 12: Petigrad @ Dorada 1pm
April 15: Pawtucket @ Clackamas

Sonoran National Team

The All-Stars of the SBL are automatically entered into the roster for the Sonoran National Baseball Team, equivalent to All-Americans or the All-Star teams in US Sports.