Solvo Defense Coalition

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The Solvo Defense Coalition is a mutual defense pact between some nations in the Solvo Sector.


The Grand Empire of Flaradonia, in diplomatic talks with the Solvo Federation, proposed a "Flaradonia-Solvoia Defense Pact". The Federation agreed, so long as the Pact was open to other Solvo Sector Nations. The name was then Changed to the Solvo Defense Coalition.

The SDC was originally designed to provide a rapid response to invasion from outside the sector, during the turbulent time of the New European Civil War. It is acknolweldged that a aggressive North American state may chose ot invade the Sector.

The SDC is now officially dissolved as of the Solvoian withdrawl.

Defense Cordon

The two major hubs of Solvo Sector Civilisation are the city of Hamilton and Gull Lake. The SDC's headquarters and primary center of operations is in Hamilton. This is for two reasons; one, that Hamilton is the only territory with multiple micronations, and two, that Gull Lake is already more defended by the Solvo Federation's Hyperion Defense Network.

Member Militaries

  • Unnamed Army of the Grand Vicarate of Angel Island