Royal Army of Flaradonia

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The Royal Army of Flaradonia is the official armed forces of the Grand Imperial Dominion of Flaradonia.


The main elements of the RAF doctrine come from the Royal Army of the Davidistan-Jacbonia alliance, as opposed to the SNG, who are based on the Principality Defence Initiate doctrine. The Saraland Armed Forces doctrine is widely considered useless. The RAF was founded due to tensions with the Solvo Federation, who prior to independence was the colonial power. The unit previously known as the Royal Flaradonian Militia defected to the cause. Elicotville also has many potential troops. The Forces that would become the RAF have seen combat in the Arnill, Beamish, and FLaradonian wars.


The RAF currently only utilizes the 1st Irregular Batalion. The Commander of the 1st Batalion is Prefect Jacob Flaherty.

Solvo Defense Coalition

The RAF is a participating member of the SDC.