Socialist Republic of Quezon

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Socialist Republic of Quezon
Flag of
Motto: "Stronger Together"
LocationUnited States
CapitalQuezon City
LargestSantos City
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesSpanish
• General secretary
Matt Martinez Feingold
• Premier
Narodnaya Volya
Independence from Greatland
• Founding Date
12 May 2021
• Estimate
2 citizens
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Drives on theright

The Socialist Republic of Quezon was founded on 12 May 2020 by Matt Martinez Feingold after switching government from a democracy.


8 June 2021 (Democracy is no more)

The Socialist Republic of Quezon was founded after then-Chancellor Matt Martinez Feingold, who is currently G.S of the Socialist Republic of Quezon, made the choice to change into a dictatorship due to the flaws in the democracy of the old republic showed.

August 17 2021- January 15 2022(Quezon Dark Age)

This was the dark area for the Quezon. Members left and server activity dropped to a low level. It looked like Quezon would die.

January 16 2022-Present (Quezon on the rise)

General Secretary Matt Martinez Feingold came back to pick up his micronation back from the ground. A new member called Narodnaya Volya has been picked as the new premier. So far the future of Quezon looks bright but the future will tell us soon.


Top Leadership

General Secretary: Matt Martinez Feingold

Premier: Narodnaya Volya

The National Senate

Party Name Logo Abbr. Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies National Senate
Grand Liberal Party Sqp.png GLP Matt Martinez Feingold Far Left Communism
1 / 5