Umhlabistan Empire

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United Tribes of Umhlabistan
Flag of United Tribes of Umhlabistan
Largest cityAl-Tariq
Official languagesZulu
Recognised regional languagesAfrikaans Arabic Xhosa Swahili
• Declaration of independence
September 5, 2020
• Estimate
12 citizens
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
879 Umhlab
• Per capita
83.30 Umhlab
Time zoneCentral
Driving sideright

Umhlabistan History

When the previous Chief of Umhlabistan died he had no clear successor (2 bastard sons, all first cousins dead, wife was tribe less, no-one had been listed in will) several parties made claims, one being Mpumelelo Jabulani Okugaphiliwe. The majority had lost thie claims legitimately in court. The only remaining claimants had a blood right to the throne, the most supported being a Umhlabi third cousin named Nonhlanhla. The others were Okugaphiliwe, and an Unjunti named Sanele. Sanele raised an army to try and take the throne by force and end Okugaphiliwe's claim. Okugaphiliwe armed GI-79 to fight back. Within a month Nonhlanhla was defeated due to military failures. Okugaphiliwe fought back and pursued court approval for his claim. After a series of military victories and the courts claiming Okugaphiliwe a rightful claimant (due to him being the late chief fourth cousin of blood) Sanele rescinded his claim. For sometime after GI-79 was put to use quelling rebellions. GI-79 soon disbanded due to internal disagreements.

Foreign Relations

Umhlabistan Empire has foreign relations with Kodrolian Empire

Umhlab Exchange Rate

$1 is equal to 8.79 Umhlab

National Tradition

Robert of St.Albans is declared a national hero.

Groovy The Bot will be forever be recognized as a national hero of Umhlabistan.

December 26 is now Fuck You Bitch Day.

Laws Passed

GAMBLING IS BANNED ON UMHLABISTAN SOIL. The decision of the council of Chiefs is permanent and sovereign.

Pigs are banned in the territory of Umhlabistan. This does not apply to pork, only a living or unbutchered pig.

All construction projects private and public must have a full permit.

Media tax- 10000 a week (This has been repealed)

'Umhlabastanians. As we are opening up to outsiders we are now adopting English as a language" We are abolishing this.

When the fetus has a clear and detectable heartbeat, abortion is not lawfully possible.

Internet porn is banned. Porn in literature form and pornographic imagery is legal in your own home.

No divulging of other people's personal information without proven consent.

Non-Binary as a gender is recognized.

Gay Marriage is officially legal now.

Regions of Umhlabistan Empire

Capital City-Inhlokodolobha

Idolobha-Info Coming Soon

Mbili-Info Coming Soon

Junt- INfo Coming Soon

The Wildlands-Info Coming Soon

AL-Tariq-Info Coming Soon