Kodrolian Empire

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Kodrolian Empire
Motto: "intelligentia, vires, corde, voluntatem amorem et fidem retinerent.”
Official languagesEnglish, French
Recognised national languagesGreek, Latin
GovernmentUnitary Semi-absolute monarchy
• Emperor
• Consulibus
Ender & Akins
Independence from United States
• Kodrolia established
27 July 2020
• Estimate
Time zonePST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy;
Driving sideright
Calling code+1

Kodrolia, more famously known as the Kodrolian Empire, is a micronation with a moralistic semi-absolute monarchical democratic government composed of the main empire's land. As well as the Empire's autonomous republics, regions, and territories. The nation was founded on July 27, 2020 because of the chaos, violence, and a lack of more efficient progress in society. The nation is lead by the his Imperial Highness, Elder, Emperor of the Kodrolian Empire. The government is a moralistic semi-absolute monarchical democratic government where the Emperor holds significant power and can make influential decisions, but the Emperor's power is equalized from the Kodrolian Assembly and the Ephorvi Council. The executive government is made up of the Emperor, two Consulibus, two Praetors, and the Ephorvi Council. The Senate is made up of people appointed by the Emperor and usually are influential people in the Empire. The Senate in addition to making voting on laws, making laws, making proposes, etc. The Senate also acts as the Emperor's group of advisors. The Kodrolian Empire's motto is "intelligentia, vires, corde, voluntatem amorem et fidem retinerent.” Which means, “intelligence, strength, heart, will, love, and loyalty.” These are all traits of which the Empire values and what its citizens should value. The K.A. Representatives are elected and share similar powers to the Senate.

Economy of Kodrolia
Type: Socialist
Welfare: Given to those determined as Lower Class
Market: Free Market
Means of Production: Undetermined
Leadership of Kodrolia Continued:
Royal Family: Emperor Elder Empress Elder Prince Liam Princess Akins
Consilbus': Consilbus Akins Consilbus Ender Null Null
Praetors: Praetor Exo Praetor Vasilev Null Null
Ephorvi: Vacant Vacant Vacant Vacant