Kodrolian Empire

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The Winchester Dynasty

Kodrolian Empire (Kodrolia)
Coat of arms of Kodrolian Empire
Coat of arms
Motto: “Intelligentia, vires, corde, voluntatem, amorem wut fitem retineret.”
Official languagesEnglish, Latin
GovernmentSemi-Constitutional Monarchy
• Emperor
Dante Winchester-Thanos
• Empress
• Imperial Family
Chief Okugaphiliwe Princess Nedevu
House of Ministers
House of Representatives
Establishment27 July 2020
• 18 Non-Residential, 1 Residential census
CurrencyUSD (De facto), Kodril (De jure)
Time zoneUTC-5

The Kodrolian Empire, also known as Kodrolia, is a small nation, commonly known as a micronation with a constitutional monarchy, composed of the main Empire’s land, as well as the Empire's autonomous republics, regions, and territories. The nation is led by the his Imperial Highness, Dante Winchester-Thanos, Second Emperor of the Kodrolian Empire. It was founded on 11 December 2022.


After the First Emperor had abdicated his throne temporarily to James Bornstein as of 6 June 2021. James then declared Senatus Consultum Ultimum.

The Elder Dynasty

The Kodrolian Empire, also known as Kodrolia, is a small nation, commonly known as a micronation with a constitutional monarchy, composed of the main Empire’s land, as well as the Empire's autonomous republics, regions, and territories. The nation is led by the his Imperial Highness, Elder, Emperor of the Kodrolian Empire. It was founded on 27 July 2020 by the Emperor due to his lack of satisfaction with the current United States society. Their land is within, and entirely surrounded, by the United States of both California as well as North Carolina.


The Kodrolian Empire was founded on 27 July 2020 by the Emperor, Elder. It had very gradual development until it grew in digital citizens in August 2020, and continued to grow when it gained several autonomous republics, which hold partial power but also are partially controlled by the Empire. By October 2020 to present, Kodrolia was relatively stable compared to its earlier months when it faced threats from other micronations.[1]


The Kodrolian Empire has a population of 58, with 56 being digital citizens and 2 being residential citizens, living within Kodrolian territory. Kodrolia's vast diplomacy has caused a surge in citizens since early August 2020, and this surge has continued as of December 2020. The dependency ratio is low, and as such most of its population is in the age range allowing them to be in the labor force.[2]


Emperor & Imperial Family

The Emperor, currently Emperor Elder, holds a majority of the power within Kodrolia. He founded Kodrolia alongside a few digital and in-person acquaintances, in response to the unrest that was at the time happening within the United States, with the US presidential election as well as the protests against police brutality.

Emperor Elder has stated numerous times his ultimate goal regarding leadership of Kodrolia is to secede from the United States, and then gain more land beyond North America, specifically small islands that can gradually grow the influence of Kodrolia.[3]

The Imperial Family is made up of Emperor Elder and an individual named Liam, who he met online and is now considered the de facto son of Emperor Elder.[4]


The Congress is made up of 23 individuals, thirteen in the Senate, which is the Upper Chamber, and ten in the Assembly, which is the Lower Chamber. They are the primary writers of legislation within the Empire. The Congress is considered a parliamentary system.[5]


The Senate contains two Consilibuses, as well as 11 Ministers, specifically Ministers of Education, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Economy and Treasury, Health, Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, Intelligence, Estate Development, and Online Affairs. All seats are filled as of December 2020 with the exception of the Minister of Economy and Treasury. All of the positions with the exception of the Consilibus, who is appointed by the Emperor, are elected. The incumbent Consilibuses are Ender and Maeson.[6]

Its main goals are to manage and unite the ministries of Kodrolia, and to serve the Emperor while doing so.[7]


The Assembly contains one Orator, as well as nine Representatives. Five of the nine Representative seats are currently filled, while 4 are vacant. The Orator position is currently vacant. All of the positions are elected.

Its primary function is to pass legislation, as well as veto decisions made by the Emperor.


The Kodrolian Empire has three primary claims. Two are patches of land in Rancho Mirage, California, while one is a patch of land near the Emperor's former home, primary to his relocation to California, in Raleigh, North Carolina.[8]

Californian Claims

Rancho Mirage is a resort city that is approximately 11 miles from Palm Springs, California. It has an approximate population of 18,500 and is home to several notable country clubs and golf courses, which united to create the city of Rancho Mirage in 1973.

It is often called the Playground of Presidents, due to the fact several United States Presidents including Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Barack Obama. Former US President and Vice President Gerald Ford as well as former First Lady and his wife Betty Ford resided in Rancho Mirage until their respective deaths.[9]

The climate of Rancho Mirage is very hot, with temperatures in the summer reaching upwards of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It is considered to be in a desert, specifically the Mojave Desert.[10]

North Carolinian Claim

Raleigh, North Carolina is the capital of North Carolina and is one of the most populous cities in North Carolina, with an approximate population of 469,000 people. It is the home of North Carolina State University as well as Meredith College.

The climate of Raleigh is relatively mild, with temperatures reaching around 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit in summer and dropping to occasionally snow in winter. The humidity around summer is rather high.[11]


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