September 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election

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September 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election

← July 2020 6-7 September 2020 November 2020 (congressional) →

All 5 seats in the National Senate
3 seats needed for a majority
Turnout80.0% 2.2 pp
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  File:Tom Mark.png
Leader Tom Mark Ben Olson Owen Philbin
Party Nationalist Movement for Socialism Labour-Democratic
Leader since 26 August 2020 25 August 2020 26 August 2020
Last election 57.1%, 3 seats New 42.9%, 2 seats
Seats before 3 1 1
Seats won 3 2 0
Seat change Steady 1 1
Popular vote 17 9 6
Percentage 53.1% 28.1% 18.8%
Swing 4.0% New 24.1%
Caucus Majority Minority N/A

Diagram of results by party.

Upper Secretary before election

Aidan Clifford

Elected Upper Secretary

Tom Mark

The September 2020 Georgienstinian senatorial election took place on 6 September 2020. This election was held simultaneously with the September 2020 Georgienstinian Congressional Election.

The election saw the Nationalist suffering losses in both chambers with losses in the National House of Representatives being more severe. The election also saw the rise of the Movement for Socialism, which took votes from the Labour-Democratic Party, which suffered major losses, losing all of its senators.


The July 2020 Georgienstinian Senatorial Election resulted in a Nationalist majority government. Shortly after the elections, Ben Olson and Sean Dunkerque renounced their Georgienstinian citizenship. The two later rejoined to form the Movement for Socialism.

Electoral system and organization

The Senate was composed of 6 seats elected by proportional representation in a single nationwide constituency, with a legal threshold of 1 full seat (20%), and residuals assigned by the D’Hondt method.


The Nationalists released numerous posters listing their national conservative policies.


Party Leader Seats %
Nationalist Party Tom Mark 3 53.1%
Movement for Socialism Ben Olson 2 28.1%
Labour-Democratic Party Owen Philbin 0 18.8%
Popular vote
Movement for Socialism

Seat totals
Movement for Socialism