Secretary General of the Nollandish Confederacy

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Secretary General of the Nollandish Confederacy
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Leon Williamson

since 18 December 2015
StyleMr. Secretary General
Inaugural holderJames I
Formation18 August 2014

The Secretary General of the Nollandish Confederacy is the chief administrative officer of the Confederacy and the main coordinator of its activity. In practice, the Secretary General serves as the leader of the organisation, being tasked with serving as an intermediary between the members states and the Confederacy's own governmental structure. Typically, but not exclusively, the Secretary General is the leader of the largest grouping in the Confederal Parliament. The holder of the office must command a majority of the Parliament's membership, else they will be liable to a vote of no confidence.

The office was established in a much different form by the Confederacy's first charter, being elected to an annual term by the then existential General Assembly. In effect, the office was elected by the Confederacy's member states on a one state-one vote basis. The position, however, was drastically overhauled by the second charter, with the position being directly tied to the confidence of the fully elected Confederal Parliament.

List of Secretary Generals

# Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Deputy Term of office Political affiliation
1 Flag of Mancunia.png James I
Independent Province of Mancunia
- 18 August 2014 6 September 2015 Nonpartisan
First Secretary General. Oversaw a period of steady but uneventful governance. Approved the admissions of various new member states. Agreed to and took part in the reforms of the Confederacy's structure made by the second charter.
2 Knoll flag 1.png Leon Williamson
Tsardom of Nolland
Kit McCarthy
(from 17 September)
6 September 2015 3 October 2015 Freedom
The first Secretary General to be directly elected, after having led the Freedom Party to a slim majority in the Parliament in the August 2015 election. Proposed the Admissions of New Member States Act and his administration approved the Roles and Responsibilities Act. Resigned due to his role in the "Kenspiracy."[1]
3 Flag of the Republic of Mcarthia.jpg Kit McCarthy
Republic of Mcarthia
Leon Williamson
(from 11 November)
17 October 2015 17 December 2015 Freedom
Became Secretary-General by motion of confidence after Leon Williamson's resignation. Took part in the first Secretary-General's Questions and a reasonable increase in member state entry, but later resigned citing his inability to balance his micronational and non-micronational commitments, endorsing Leon Williamson.
- Knoll flag 1.png Leon Williamson
Tsardom of Nolland
Horatio Eden 18 December 2015 Incumbent Freedom