Second Kingdom of Pamale

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Second Kingdom of Pamale

Motto: Never say Never

Anthem: Pamalian Hymn
Government: Absolute monarchy
Location: Thornlie, Western Australia
Capital City: Backton
Population: 4
Date of foundation: 17 October 2010
Head of State: His Majesty King Shane (II) of Pamale
Head of Government His Majesty King Shane (II) of Pamale
Language: English (official)
Demonym: Pamalian
Currency: Australian dollar
Religion: Christianity
Time Zone/s Pamalian Standard Time (UTC+7:42)

Pamale is a micronational kingdom that is located in Thornlie, Western Australia. It was established as a rebel nation in Rizjan territory.


The First Kingdom of Pamale was established by Shane Scantlebury and his brother Blake in Augusut 2008. Shane became King Shane of Pamale and Blake became the nation's Prime Minister. The Kingdom lasted almost a year until it merged with the United Republic of Divvy to create the United Kingdom of Rizja in June 2009. Shane became King David of Rizja and former Divvyan President Timucin Aydogdu became the Prime Minister. In January 2010, there were rumours about Shane abdicating from his title. These rummours were soon confirmed and on 1 February 2010, Shane handed the throne to Blake. Blake became King David II of Rizja. On 17 October 2010, Shane created the Second Kingdom of Pamale as a rebel nation in land incorporated by Rizja. There is major conflict between the two nations.

On 30 October 2010, King David II publicly announced that he saw he was no longer fit to run the kingdom and instead of handing the throne to the next in line, his uncle Graeme Atherton, he handed the kingdom over to his brother King Shane (II) of Pamale. Shane (II) decided to officially annex the land. As of 31 October 2010 at 0:00 UTC+8, the entire Rizjan territory will become a part of Pamale and Shane (II) will rule over it. Another perk in the deal was that David II becomes Mayor of the Municipality of Backton.

Time zone

Pamale is located in the UTC+8 time zone and used Australian Western Standard Time to maintain easy travel transition between Pamale and Australia. However, King Shane (II) announced that as of 01:00 AM January 1, 2011 the clocks will be wound back eighteen minutes to have a more accurate reading. Pamale Standard Time is UTC+7:42.

Geography and climate

Pamale is located in Thornlie, Western Australia which is in the southwest of the Australian state. The entire nation is surrounded by suburbia, thus having no resources whatsoever. There are no natural water sources and no major elevation.

Pamale has a Mediterranean climate and has hot dry summers and cool wet winters. The mercury can rise to 40 °C in the summer months (December through February) and winter maximums are usually around 18-20 °C.


Pamale's only settlement is Backton, a village housing only four residents. The entire population comprises of Australian born people with Caucasian complextion. There has never been a birth in Pamale.


There are only two children living in Pamale and both attend Australian government funded public schools. There are curently no future plans to establish a school of any sort in Pamale.


Pamale has no natural resources whatsoever and depends solely on Australia for its imports. Such imports are anything that is essential for daily life and anything else that you can think of. However, strawberries and tomatoes have been grown in the kingdom but the crops were not successful and there is not enough land for a substantial crop field.


Sport is a major part of life for Pamalian citizens. Both children play Australian rules football for a local Australian club in the winter and the younger of the two children plays cricket for an Australian club. Fixtures for a modified All-Pamale Cricket Championship are currently being divised. Basketball is also another sport played one of the citizens.


Here is a list of nations that Pamale retains an alliance with:

NEW GARGSTAN FLAG.jpg Principality of Garagstan
Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy (as of October 25, 2010)
Andersonian Flag.png Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco (as of November 4, 2010)


Second Kingdom of Pamale

Backton, Hutson, Rose

External Territories
Scantlebury Island, Carthage

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