Shane (II) of Pamale

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Shane (II)

Motto: Lex , Pacis quod Justicia

(English: Law, Peace and Justice)

Title: His Majesty King Shane (II) of Pamale
Reign: Since 17 October 2010 (de facto 24 August 2008)
Former Titles/Names

King Shane (I) of Pamale (24 August 2008 – 11 June 2009)

His Majesty King David I of Rizja (12 June 2009 – 1 February 2010)

Residence: Backton, Pamale
Date of Birth: 10 May 1995

Shane (II) of Pamale (Shane David Scantlebury, born 10 May 1995) is the first and second King of Pamale.

Early life

Scantlebury was born on Wednesday 10 May 1995 to Dave, current Premier of Pamale Territory, and Sue Scantlebury at Gosnells Family Hospital. He lived in Maddington, Western Australia until the age of one and a half years when he moved to Thornlie. He attended Thornlie Primary School for one year (1999) for kindergarten. From 2000 to 2007, Scantlebury attended Yale Primary School where he befriended former Emperor of the Vertic Empire, CAD. From 2008 onwards he attends Lynwood Senior High School where he is in the Academy of Science, Maths and Related Technologies.

(First) Kingdom of Pamale

Shane was the first and only King of the Kingdom of Pamale. He was self-elected on 24 August 2008 and ruled peacefully until he united with the United Republic of Divvy on 12 June 2009.

United Kingdom of Rizja

Shortly after the union of the (First) Kingdom of Pamale and the United Republic of Divvy, Scantlebury declared war on the then present Vertic Empire. However, the war on lasted four days. The war is now known as the War of Idiocy. Shane appointed former Divvian President Timucin Aydogdu Prime Minister shortly after the war and from then on, the pair have ruled without war. On 1 February 2010 Shane abdicated from the Rizjan throne and handed it to his younger brother Blake. He became David II.

Second Kingdom of Pamale

On 17 October 2010, Shane re-established Pamale as a rebel nation in land that is incorporated by Rizja. There is currently conflict between the two nations.

For more information, see Rizjo-Pamalian conflict

Shane currently resides in the Rizjo-Pamalian Manor which is located in between the two nations and is a "neutral zone".