Secessionists' Convent

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Secessionists' Convent
Secessionist organisation
2015 logo

Headquarters Lounge for the partakers of the Secessionists' Convent (Skype)

Official language English.

Membership 3-4

Chairman Gabriel N. Pelger
Vice-Chair Bailey McCahon
Administrator Mike Lewis

– Foundation Christmas 2014
- Secessionists' Convent of 2015 7 March 2015 to 29 May 2016
- Secessionists' Convent of 2016 expected to beginn 28 June 2016

Official website

The Secessionists' Convent (commonly abbreviated to SC) is the name of an organization established in late December 2014 to facilitate an ongoing discussion concerning various aspects of micronational secessionism and a wide range of topics related to it. Annually, the leaders of the organization invite micronations deemed to meet the Convent's standards to delegate representatives, who take part in the discussions. Over the course of about a year, these representatives and their diplomatic staff exchange instant messages via Skype in multiple-hour sessions on most Saturdays and Sundays at 1pm GMT. When all points on the agenda agreed upon at the beginning of the year's Convent are deemed by participants to have been discussed enough, the findings of the Convent are published in a Final Report.


Gabriel N. Pelger, Head of Executive of the Usian Republic, conceived


Final Report


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