Royal Order of Saint Christopher

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Royal Order of Saint Christopher

Medal of the Order
Awarded by Angador
Type Chivalric order
Eligibility People who are worthy of the title.
Awarded for Honor, merit, and military actions.
Status Not currently awarded
Established September 21, 2009
First awarded 2009
Total awarded 20
Next (higher) none
Equivalent none
Next (lower) none

The Royal Order of Saint Christopher is a chivalric order in the Prosia of Angador. It was founded by HMH High King James I. Also its member are also Honorary Citizens of Angador. The ranks of the order go as:

  • Grand Knight/Dame of the Order (ROSC)
  • Lord/Lady of the Order (LSC)
  • Knight/Dame of the Order (KSC/DSC)

Grand Knight of the Order

  1. High King James I of Angador (9/21/2009-4/15/2011)