Royal Mallanorian Armed Forces

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Royal Mallanorian Armed Forces
Established 9 November 2015
Country Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor
Service Branches Noflag.png Royal Army

Noflag.png Royal Navy
Noflag.png Royal Air Force

Previous engagements none
Current engagements None
(Council of War)
Commander-in-Chief HRM King Connor Stumperth I
Minister of Defence The Hon. Ian Listerman
Field Marshal None
Fleet Admiral None
Marshal of the Air Force None
General information
Headquarters None
Active personnel None

The Royal Mallanorian Armed Forces (RMAF) are the national military of the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor. The RMAF were formed on 9 November 2015, to provide the Kingdom with security and the ability to defend itself from foreign aggressors.

The Armed Forces are overseen by the Ministry of Defence, and directed by the Council of War during wartime. The Monarch holds the position of commander-in-chief, and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Ministry of Defence.

Royal Mallanorian Army

The Royal Mallanorian Army was founded at the same time as the rest of the Armed Forces, on 9 November 2015. The Royal Mallanorian Army is the land-based branch of the military. The Royal Army will perform ground-based operations in and around the Kingdom. As of now, there are no enlisted soldiers or officers in the Army.

Royal Mallanorian Navy

The Royal Mallanorian Navy was established on 9 November 2015, along with the rest of the Armed Forces. The Royal Mallanorian Navy is the aquatic branch of the Armed Forces. The Navy will operate primarily on Crown Lake, a body of water that forms the Eastern border of the Kingdom. Currently, there are no enlisted sailors or officers in the Navy.

Royal Mallanorian Air Force

The Royal Mallanorian Air Force, along with the rest of the Armed Forces, was established on 9 November 2015. The Royal Mallanorian Air Force is the airborne branch of the Mallanorian military. The Air Force will primarily perform aerial reconnaissance on the Kingdom and the surrounding areas. There are currently no pilots or officers in the Air Force.