Royal Kapresh Anthem

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Royal Kapresh Anthem


National anthem of the
Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg

MusicEdvard Grieg, c. 1875
Adopted4 August 2019

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"The Royal Kapresh Anthem" is the national anthem of the Empire of Kapreburg. "In The Hall of the Mountain King" was recognized for official use by the Empire of Kapreburg in 2019 by Kapresh Tsar, Jackson I.


The anthem does have lyrics, but are not well known and not normally sung. The lyrics are as follow

Far up where the eagles cry

Mountains high

Touch the sky

Wintry winds with dreary voices

Sighing all night long

Peak to peak the echoes ring



All the sadness of the past

Recalled in lonely song

Far above the reach of sight

Towers white

Show their might

Reigning kings of all they see

Kneeling below

In the chasm waters pour


Rush and roar

Dropping from the chilly height

Crowned with white snow

Bright and shining eyes appear

Drawing near

Pointed ear

Listening for the cheerful call

To start the revelry

Turned up shoes that pitter pat

Like a cat

Knowing that

Merry music weaves a spell

Of merriment and glee

Haughty chatter, twinkling light

Burning bright

What a sight

Kingdoms in the dark below

Never know day

Darkness gone from rocky hall

Smokey wall

Column tall

Shadows playing to and fro

Make it so gay

Tiny voices shout and sing

With the king


Robed in royal cloth of mountain green

Merrily he greets his band

Waves his hand

In command

Now the noise of laughter

Fill the scene

High fiddly, fiddly, fiddly

Hear the elven fiddlers play

High fiddly, fiddly, fiddly

Round the revelers swing and sway

High fiddly, fiddly, fiddly

High up the mountain wall

High fiddly, fiddly, fiddly

Rumbling, tumbling one and all

High, high

Now the mountain opens wide

High, high

Tumbling out, a goblin tide

High, high

They hurry, helter skelter