Royal Jamesburg Regiment

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The Royal Jamesburg Regiment
Royal Jamesburg Regt Badge.svg
The badge of the Royal Jamesburg Regiment
Active 2019–present
Country  Ikonia (2019-present)
Branch  His Majesty's Army
Type Light infantry
Role To close with and destroy the enemy
Size One battalion
Part of His Majesty's Army
Garrison/HQ Uvenia
Motto Nouvelle année, nouveau moi
(French: New year, new me)
March The Lincolnshire Poacher
Cameron I
Honourary Chief Sir Quiggley James
Shoulder patch Shoulder patch of the Ikonian Infantry.svgShoulder patch of the Jamesburg Regiment.svg
Camp flag Camp flag of RJR.svg
Colour Colour of RJR.svg
Abbreviation RJR

The Royal Jamesburg Regiment is a light infantry regiment of His Majesty's Army based in Uvenia and Orange County.

The regimental honorary colonel-in-chief is currently Sir Quiggley James, and the regimental motto is Nouvelle année, nouveau moi, "New year, new me".


The Royal Jamesburg Regiment originated in Uvenia on 2 May 2019 after the knighting and subsequent title of "Sir" to Quiggley James. This later became a regiment named after Sir Quiggley James, in which he now serves as the honorary Chief.

The Royal Jamesburg Regiment is the first of the three regiments of His Majesty's Army that is active.