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Republic of lanevinia republica lanevinia (romanian)
Coat of arms of lanevinia.png
Flag of lanevinia.png

re publica adulescentes, iuvenes population (latin: young state , young population)
Bucuria Tinerimi (Youth Happiness)
Capital cityPerla
Largest cityblocesti
Official language(s)romanian,english
Official religion(s)Orthodox Cristianity
Short nameLanevinia
- Presidentalexandru
Area claimed3,554 hectars
Currencylanevinian leu
Time zone([(GMT+2, summer time (GMT+3)])

The Republic of Lanevinia,' more commonly known as Lanevinia, is a micronation in Romania. It is fully landlocked and is bordered by Romania. The Republic of Ianevina is a Democratic semi-presidential republic witch was formed in november 2018 . has a temperate-continental climate, and an area of 3,554 hectares, with a population of 11 people. Lanevinia is the 51st largest micronation in the world[citation needed]. Its capital city is Perla.

Lanevinia was founded by president Alexandru in November 2018.


Lanevinia is the combination of two words: lane- and -vinia. The name means long country/nation/land. The reason the micronation is called so is that the president thought that the territory of the country will look long in width/length.


a begining of a nation (november 2018-mid 2019)

In November 2018, Lanevinia was founded with no resources. The president attempted to declare independence, so he designed the requirement for statehood. On 10 December 2018, Lanevinia was independent. After 10th December, the president named some imaginary people as counsellors and as some key ministers. After 1 January 2019, the country was split into two: North Lanevinia with a semi-communist regime (that isn`t independent of South Lanevinia); and South Lanevinia. From the first moment of split, the president Alexandru made efforts to unify the two regions. In January 2019, the president has fired the ministers and the councillors.

Mid 2019 - 23 august 2021

In the summer of 2020, the country was united after a couple of days of civil war. After this period of time for 3 months, the country was inactive, but not indefinitely. On January 15 2021, the president has formed the council C.N.C.L. At that time the council had 6 members (with the president). In March 2021, the first law was approved, the law decree regarding the functioning of the advisory council of the Lanevina and the army. On 20 April 2021, the first title of the constitution was approved. on the date of 23 june 2021 asembly of the president`s advisors is founded.

president comunicate with the country (date 19.07.2021)

In recent days, major events have taken place that will change the course of Lanevinia's history and are beginning to be felt from now on. major thing that obtained the economic, social and political support of the nation, one of them is the joining of almiro Alliance of Romanian Nations, this will have a positive impact on political life by opening the line of peaceful diplomatic relations. the Lanevinian army dissolves. People have learned that the Roman army is not a serious institution and rather a corrupt institution that has divided the nation one side against the other and brought suffering and manipulated the most important institutions in the exercise of Lanevin's sovereignty. those responsible for the muddy spot were As you know arrested and will not be released due to the consequences of their actions, but so that they do not happen again, until the security of the army any military unit and any rank will be disbanded and removed outlawed-the president refered in the second part of the comunicate to the period when lanevinia was split in two.


Lanevinia is the 51st largest micronation in the world with an area of 4 hectares.

The full nation is at an elevation of between 128-132 meters altitude.


Central administration


The president of Lanevinia Alexandru has started the country alone, but in February 2021 had started a council named the Consultative Council of Lanevinia (eventually the name of the council was change into the National Consultative Council of Lanevinia). Now the total number of members of the council is 50 (with the president of Lanevinia as the head of the council).

the council haved til the 3th of august 2021 the full role of the gouverment , but after that date the council is the head of the second body of the gouverment

The Assembly of the president's advisers

The president had another council, this one is named the assembly of the president`s advisers, with the function of a legislsature

holds almost all of lanevinia`s power

There are 7 committees that are in the secondary body of the government and are in the subdivision of C.E.G.L.

  • Committee on Citizen Security
  • Health committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Cyber Security Committee
  • National Recovery Committee
  • citizenship committee
  • education comittee

political parties

there are 3 political parties in lanevinia. those are:

1. national democratic-liberal party (in romanian: partidul national democrat-liberal) it is in draft stage

2. the social-democrat party it is also in draft stage but is fully active

3. the mutualist party (in romanian: partidul mutualist) it has political personality and its fully active

it was decided that the Lanevinian parliament should have 6 senators

local division

Lanevinia is divided into 2 districts: Perla and Reparati. Each district is subdivided further into cities and communes. There are a total of 3 cities in Lanevinia: perla , blocesti and masesti.


Territory map of Lanevinia, districts and localities

The currency of Lanevinia is the Lanevinian Leu. The country doesn`t have a stable economy but it depends on the Romanian economy.


Religion and culture

The religion is orthodox Christianity. The culture is the same as the culture of Romania.


The official languages are Romanian and English.

External relationships

The micronation has been recently accepted into ALMIRO (on the date of 18 july 2021)

the recougnised micronations by the republic of lanevinia:

1. old kingdom of luana

2. republic of alexandria

3. free city of vodopol

4. republic of istria

5. juclandia

6. plushunia

7. republic of caelesta

8. snagovian federation

9. vlasynian despotate

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