Republic of Saalen

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Republic of Saalen
Sálská republika CS
  • Saalen Republik DE
Flag of Saalen 1.png
Saalen great coat of arms.png
Coat of arms
Motto: Bratrstvím i krví národ svázán (Czech)
By brotherhood and blood the nation is bound
Anthem: Boj ducha Sálského (Czech)
Battle of the Saalen spirit

Location of Saalen in Central Europe Coordinates:  13°52′43″E&long={{{2}}} 50°2′13″N 13°52′43″E, {{{2}}}
and largest city
Official languagesCzech
Ethnic groups
Christian (100%)
GovernmentPresidential republic representative democracy
LegislatureParliament of Saalen republic
• Established
• Total
2,584 km2 (998 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2021 census
CurrencyCzech crown (CZK)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Date formatdd. mm. yyyy
Driving sideright
Calling code+420
Internet TLD.saa (reserved, not used)

The Republic of Saalen, also known as simply Saalen, is a sovereign state located in Central Europe, bordering Germany and the Czech Republic. The state is created on the basis that territority alongside Saale (river in Germany) was part of Bohemian kingdom/Czech kingdom and many Czecho-germans lived here connecting Czech and German nation proving that it is not solely German land, so the concept it self is focused on improving equality between Germans and Czechs. Another reason for establishing Saalen is believe that parent states Germany and Czech Republic are heading toward political chaos through holes in legislation system.

Form of government

Saalen republic is a presidential republic with parliament system. To avoid mistakes of parent states Saalen is not obligated to its constitution, but only to laws approved by Parliament of Saalen republic and system of political parties is replaced by individual system of candidatire. The highest state authority is the President of Saalen republic and Government of Saalen republic.

Emblem of government

Political parties

Political parties are banned. This decision was taken by the parliament that political parties could be formed by individuals whose interests do not match with interests of the nation.

Law and judiciary

Saalen republic does not have a judicial system; if a citizen violates the law, the parliament imposes an appropriate punishment. We are currently working on the court system and the establishment of courts.

Administrative divisions


There are 4 Landkreise/districts in Saalen republic, which hold the function of a lower administrative unit and are headed by civil council, which are elected directly in elections. Each Landkreis has a division of its administrative and cadastral jurisdiction according to assessments from the times when Saalen was not a sovereign state. Municipalities and their representatives exercise such transfer of state power as has been transferred to them from a higher administrative district.

Landkreise: Stadtkreis Hof, Landkreis Hof, Landkreis Wunsiedel, Landkreis Tirschenreuth.

Legislative and executive power

Parliament of Saalen republic

has the legislative power. For the adoption of a law, it is necessary to obtain more than 50% of the votes, for constitutional laws more than 60% of the votes. The Parliament has the power to declare a state of war and martial law. Provided that corruption or other tort is proven to a government official, whatever position he holds is deprived of all seats. The Parliament cannot be dissolved. Each member of the parliament may be removed.

Government of Saalen republic

is the body which executes executive power within republic. The government is led by the President, who selects all the remaining ministers at hand. The Government of the Saalen republic is responsible to the Parliament of Saalen republic.


is the head of the state and has the executive power. His task is to keep the government running and to act on behalf of the government and state, both in the Saalen region and abroad if the situation so requires. He has the right to express the trust or distrust of individual members of the council on a justified basis, such as tort (corruption, crime) and to initiate the process of examining interests.

Presidential flag

National symbols

The national symbols of the Saalen republic are the national flag - tricolor (yellow, blue, black), great coat of arms, small coat of arms, linden tree and linden leaves.

Army of the Saalen republic (ASR)

Emblem of ASR

The army of the Saalen republic consists of its citizens (volunteers). If necessary, there is a procedure for mobilizing all citizens at the behest of the parliament. The head of the army is the president. Basic military service was introduced from the age of 16 to two years. This is paramilitary training, which includes: infantry training and basics of logistics. The army is headed by the General Staff of the Army of the Saalen republic, which reports directly to the parliament or president. The army of the Saalen republic is made up of units and formations of several types of forces, namely the ground forces and the air forces. The main task of the military is to defend against external attack and to perform tasks on the basis of international contractual obligations related to common defense or peacekeeping and security operations.


Rank Corps Team:

  • private
  • bachelor

Ranks of non-commissioned officers:

  • corporal
  • second sergeant
  • sergeant

Ensign rank corps:

  • sergeant major
  • Staff Sergeant
  • Ensign

Rank Corps Lower Officers:

  • second lieutenant
  • lieutenant
  • first lieutenant
  • captain

Ranks of Senior Officers

  • staff captain
  • major
  • lieutenant colonel
  • colonel

General Corps:

  • Brigade General
  • Divisional General
  • Army General

State decorations

State decorations of the Saalen Republic recognize outstanding acts of service to the Saalen Republic. They are awarded by the President of the Saalen Republic, usually, but not necessarily, on the recommendation of the Parliament of the Saalen Republic. They may also be promulgated solely on the president's authority. They come in two varieties: orders being the higher honor and medals the lower.

Bestowal rules

The Order is conferred upon citizens of the Saalen Republic and awarded to persons who are not citizens of the Saalen Republic.

After the demise of a holder of an order who was a Saalen citizen his/her numbered insignia of the order is returned to the Office of the President of the Republic. After the demise of a person who has been decorated with a medal or the demise of a holder of an order who was not a citizen of the Saalen Republic the survivors will keep both the insignia and the certificate on the award. If there are no survivors the insignia and the certificate will be returned to the Office of the President.

State decorations

Foreign Relations

The Foreign relations of Saalen are varying. Saalen aims to become independent from the Czech Republic, however it wishes to maintain very positive and close relations with the Czech Republic, as well as Europe. Saalen also wishes to import many important materials and products, and export athletes, scientists, entrepreneurs, as well as products, food, and vehicles. Essexia holds multiple formal alliances through the form of separate Treaties of mutual cooperation.

List of Foreign relations

Saalen maintains an extensive diplomatic network with a variety of other micronations and micronational bodies

Current formal relations; treaties signed