Republic of Prosperity

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Republic of Prosperity
Flag of Republic of Prosperity
Coat of arms of Republic of Prosperity
Coat of arms
Motto: Moving Forward Together United, Prosperously
Anthem: Prosperously United
CapitalIndependence, Den mark min tillvaxt och valstad
Official languagesEnglish
Recognised national languagesEnglish
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
ReligionFreedom of Religion
• President
S.A. Hatfield II
• Representative of the Congress
R.A. Strickland
• Representative of the Senate
J.N. Rogers
• Speaker of the House of Governors
A.R. Wilson
• Commander of Operational Forces
J.H. Crow
• Commander of Paramilitary Forces
J.H. Crow
House of Governors
• Independence Established
May 20th, 2015
• Constitution Adopted
22 May 2015
• Bill Of Rights and Common Laws Adopted
22 May 2015
• Flag and Coat of Arms Adopted
23 May 2015
• Total
582.50 sq[convert: unknown unit]As of 2015 Independence
• 2015 estimate
• 2015 census
CurrencyProspertarian Dollar (RPD)
Time zonePST
Date formatDD/MMM/YYYY

The Republic of Prosperity is a micronation founded on 20 May 2015. It is a peaceful secessionist nation that is trying to gain recognition in the micronational community and they International Community, to hopefully gain autonomous independence from the United States of America


The nations name was founded for what we want from a government. A republic which is the people ran government in which they give the power to figure heads they elect to represent them and prosperity because the people of the Republic wanted to prosper united. Hence the name Republic of Prosperity.


The R.O.P. was created on May 20, 2015 when the family members of President S.A. Hatfield II were arguing over the politics of the nation. So The president sat down and crunched out a Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Common Laws in which he thought maybe the family could agree upon and settle on in which they adopted and then named the Country Republic of Prosperity. On May 22, 2015 they sat down and revised and proofread the official documents and signed them making them the Laws, Rights, and freedoms the people of this new Micronation could enjoy. They claimed three provinces in California, one in Wisconsin, and one in Alaska.

Government and politics

The government is ran completely by the peoples. It first starts with them. If they are not happy with the way the laws are being upheld, written, depicted, and how the government is being wrongfully ran, etc. They will bring it up to the attention of their Governors of the Provinces and when they meet which they do quarterly, they bring the documents to the other Governors attention. And Make a vote. If they agree upon the law they can either push it to the Senate to make it an amendment and be written into the Constitution, Bill of Rights, or The Common Laws. The Governors deal with the lowest level of law as well, handling anything petty that should not be within the public eye unless its a scandal of a public official. Then The Senate is the middle man of the Government. They deal with the major legalities of the micronation. If anything comes up between the provinces then they handle it between them. They also hold the sole Impeachment power for all political positions except the Commander of Operational Forces/Paramilitary Forces. They Also help push laws to congress after making them the most official form they an before congress sends it to the president for approval or disapproval. The Senate also deals with the five adviser heads of the Economic Division, Op Forces Division, Paramilitary Division, Education Division,and Healthcare Divisions. IF anything alarming comes up that needs addressing by the Congress or President they can immediately call a hearing to handle the issues. The Congress has the sole power to wage war and wage diplomatic relations with other countries. They also deal with approving laws that will eventually make it to the president. The President is the head of the government. This position deals with diplomatic relations with other countries with the ambassadors to hopefully write a plan and documents to be sent to the Congress for approval and then Signatures by the R.O.P. and The international nation. He also can declare war unofficially, but also move the Special forces unit for 120 days to any country if he feels the need before congress approves the war. The president also acts as the most supreme voice of the people in any reason to protect his/her people of the Micronation.

Law and order

The Senate acts as the Upper house for the court system in major legality cases. The House of Governors acts as the Lower court System in the petty legality cases. The Paramilitary Division is head of the Law enforcement division. Upholding the standards of the nation making sure everyone is following the laws and talking to the House of Governors and Senate in anything they need to report as needing changes, budget, etc.

Foreign relations

Micronation Relations


None at this time


None at this time

Recognized Nations

Unrecognized Nations and Groups

International Relations


None At this time


None At this time

Recognized Nations

None At this Time

Unrecognized Nations

None At this Time

War With Nations

None at this time


The Military is a peaceful force and is purely ceremonial until needed to activate.

There are three Divisions headed by the Commander of Operational Forces

The Three Divisions are: Infantry Div., Naval Div., Logistics Div.

The Rank System for the Military is:

Officer Ranks

O5 Commander of Operational Forces. Positions Available: 1 (Filled)

O4 Lt Commander of Division Heads. Positions Available: 3 (All Open)

O3 Captain.

O2 1STLT(Infantry&Logistics)/ LT (Naval)



E5 Sergeant Major of Operations Forces (Infantry&Logistics)/ Master Chief (Naval) 1 Position each

E4 Sergeant (Infantry&Logistics)/ Chief (Naval)

E3 Corporal (Infantry&Logistics/ Petty Officer (Naval)

E2 Private First Class (Infantry&Logistics/ Senior Seaman (Naval)

E1 Private (Infantry&Logistics/ Junior Seaman (Naval)

Medals: National Defense, Reservist Medal, Active Medal, Combat Wounded Medal.

Ribbions: National Defense, Reservist, Active.

Warfare Devices: Combat Medic, Combat Action, Naval Warfare

Active Military: 2

Reservist Military: 0

Paramilitary Ranks


O4 Commander of Paramilitary Forces

O3 Lt Commander

O2 Detective Officer

O1 Field Officer

Entry Level:

E5 Master Sergeant

E4 Sergeant

E3 Corporal

E2 Detective

E1 Field Officer

Medals: National Defense

Ribbions: National Defense, Wounded in Action

Location of Country and land Claimed

  • Location of Country on USA Map
  • Usa-map.jpg

  • IMG 0577.jpg
  • Den Gamla Stalle
  • IMG 0576.jpg
  • Den Mark min tillvaxt och valstad
  • IMG 0579.jpg
  • El Paso Wildmark
  • IMG 0581.jpg
  • Apple Flod Skyddsomrade
  • IMG 0580.jpg
  • Arktiska oarna I stora havet

Geography and climate

Images.jpgIwv-sunset-492x270.jpgEl Paso Mountains Wilderness.jpg

Desert Provinces

This is the normal temperature for the area around our three provinces.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Rec. high °F 80 86 93 101 108 117 119 114 110 105 88 84
Avg high °F 59 65 72 80 88 98 104 102 95 84 68 60
Avg low °F 30 36 40 46 54 61 67 66 59 49 36 29
Rec. low °F 1 9 15 24 26 38 46 45 35 20 14 5
Avg precipitation in. 0.90 1.10 0.80 0.20 0.10 0.00 0.10 0.30 0.30 0.10 0.30 0.60

129992961118555495.jpgMikana-red-cedar-lake-sunup-north 1.jpg

Woodland Provinces

This is the normal temperature for this province

Monthly average temperatures in Wisconsin
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High (°F) 28 33 43 54 66 76 81 79 72 60 46 33
°C -2 1 6 12 19 25 27 26 22 15 8 1
Low (°F) 13 18 27 36 46 56 63 62 54 43 31 19
°C -11 -8 -3 2 8 13 17 17 12 6 -1 -7
Record High and Low Temperatures by month in Wisconsin.
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Record High (°F) 63 68 82 91 94 104 105 103 99 89 77 68
°C 17 20 28 33 34 40 41 39 37 32 25 20
Record Low (°F) -26 -26 -10 12 21 33 40 41 28 18 -5 -20
°C -32 -32 -23 -11 -6 1 4 5 -2 -8 -20 -29

Akutan Hot Springs Bay.jpgAkutan Island FWS.jpgAkutan-island.jpgSea lions amak island alaska usfws natdiglib bell-k 450x.jpg

Island Provinces

This is the normal weather for this Province

The climate of Western Alaska is determined largely by the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. It is a subarctic oceanic climate in the southwest and a continental subarctic climate farther north. The temperature is somewhat moderate considering how far north the area is. This area has a tremendous amount of variety, especially when considering precipitation. The northern side of the Seward Peninsula is technically a desert with less than 10 inches (254 mm) of precipitation annually, while some locations between Dillingham and Bethel average around 100 inches (2,540 mm) of precipitation.[2]

Climate data for Alaska
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high °F (°C) 62
Record low °F (°C) −80


Desert Provinces


Mule Deer.jpgDownload (1).jpgDownload (2).jpgJackrabbit2 crop.JPG




Download (2).jpg

Woodland Provinces


Badger 2087377b.jpgBald Eagle Portrait.jpgDownload (3).jpgWhitetail-deer-640x400.jpg


Download (4).jpg


Download (5).jpg


Male north american turkey supersaturated.jpg

Island Provinces


Grizzlybear55.jpgNOAA2202009(1of3).jpgSea lions amak island alaska usfws natdiglib bell-k 450x.jpg


Our economy is currently in the process if being jump started. We plan on making money off of agricultural exports, also fishing, and tourism, and guided tours of the Provinces.

We have no Currency at the moment, But it is in the process of being produced.


Citizens total: 40

Citizens In Den Gamle Stalle: 10

Citizens in Den mark vin tillvaxt och valstad: 18

Citizens in El Paso Vildmark: 2

Citizens in Apple Flod Skyddsomrade: 2 (Registered Not Living there currently)

Citizens in Arktiska oarna I stora havet: Unihabited

Citizens Living outside boundaries: 10 citizens

Other Demographics:


White: 33 Black: 4 Hispanic: 3


Mormonism: 12 Seventh Day Adventist: 5 Christianity No Affiliation: 12 Atheism: 7 No Faith: 4

Political Party Affiliation:

Constitutional: 20 Progressives: 14 None Stated: 6


0-18: 15 18-30: 15 30-60: 7 60-Older: 3


0-20K: 33 20-80K: 6 80K-More: 1


  1. "Weather for Ridgecrest, California- Temperature and Precipitation". Retrieved 2009-05-01.
  2. Mean Annual Precipitation in Alaska-Yukon. Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University. Retrieved on 2006-10-23.