Republic of Preissland

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Republic of Preissland
Coat of arms
Motto: Vitæ, Amoris, Libertatisque
Anthem: Preisser National Anthem
Official languagesEnglish
Demonym(s)Preisslandic, Preisser
GovernmentParliamentary Republic
• Vice President
• President
LegislatureThe Parliament of Preissland
Establishment14th of December, 2010
• Census
CurrencyAureus (Au)
Time zoneUTC+0 (UTC)

Preissland (German: Preisserheim, French: Prissoire, Latin: Preissum), officially known as the Republic of Preissland and formally known as the Great Republic of Preissland, is a micronation surrounded by Great Britain. People have often accused Preissland of being a Theoreticle Dictatorship but Preissland's Government has denied these claims.


Preissland began as an administrative region of the Parliamentary Republic of Dorzhabad, however cries for independence were eventually heard by the Preisser National Party, which eventually took 'power' in late 2010 and had Preissland Secede from Dorzhabad. a Subsequent strain on relations was carried by long arguments and unprofessional banter between the governments of the two nations. After eventually going inactive, it was revived in October of 2011 by John Gordon who had just before dealt with a secession from his former nation, Sakasaria, and decided to close the book and move on to another micronation. After some negotiation with Dorzhabad, it was agreed to place him in Preissland to to receive the position of Head of State.

Legal status

One set of criteria for statehood under international law is defined by the Montevideo Convention. This asserts that a defined territory, permanent population, government and the capacity to enter into relationships with other sovereign states are the only foundation requirements for a sovereign state. None of these requirements necessarily has to conform to a certain size or standard, but their general characteristics should be taken into account. The State abides international law and the Montevideo Convention



S.P.Q.P (Senate and People of Preissland)

Preissland is a Republic and is in control by John Gordon and owned by Daniel Morris.

The current roles of the Parliament are as follows:

  • Dissolve and Create Parliament
  • Refuse orders from the Prime Minister to dissolve parliament
  • Declare war and make peace at will
  • Condemn other governments
  • Make New Laws
  • Attend Parliament Sessions (As Speaker as His Majesty is un-aligned in parliament)


The Preisser flag is a modified black and red bicolour with the coat of arms in the middle of the white area; the red area is significantly smaller than the white area. The white represents a snowy landscape and the red represents a sun setting over it.


News is broadcasted by the PBC (Preissland Broadcasting Company).



The Preisslandic Security Force is a small organised military, with the intent on national defence and the protection of Preissland's Interests

Preissland Defence Force's

In Charge of the security of preissland and surrounding territorys.


  • SA80 BB Rilfe
  • Colt 45 BB Pistol

Preissland Air Force

The Roundel used by P.A.F: PAF Roundell.png

Current Airplanes in Service:

  • Skimisher 865 (Paper)
  • Gliderforce 19 (Foam)
  • Recon Plane 15 (Lightwight Material) (Exact Material Classified)

Notes: RP15 has the ability to attach a small Go Pro Camera in a little slot and record high above the skys.

The Templars Kings Templar Flag.png

This is the King's own elite fighting force. They claim that nothing stands in their way and that no mercy is given at their hands. They are known as the "Elitest of the Elite", and the King has often stated that he is very proud of the Templar force, whose identities are hidden.

Weapons Used:

  • Classified


  • Classified

Successful Mission's:

  • The Invasion and Liberation of South Sakasaria
  • Investigation into the indentity of Nationia

Preisser Police Constabulary

These are in charge of Keep the peace and making sure citizens keep within Law and order.

Weapons Used:

  • Batton

Foreign affairs

Preissland has no leader.