Sakasarian Reich

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Greater Sakasarian Reich

State Flag

Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: Gott Mit Uns!
Anthem: God Save the Kaiser
File:United Kingdom
Largest cityNew Bavaria
Official languagesEnglish German
GovernmentOne Party Benevolent Dictatorship (de facto) Constitutional Monarchy (de jure)
• Reichskaiser
John Gordon
• Reichsmarschall
Bradley of Dullahan
Establishment25th August 2009 (Founded as Technocratic Republic of Sakasaria)
12th July 2011 (Seperated into three new nations)
25th March 2018 (Reunified)
• Census
Pending Census
Time zoneGMT

Sakasaria, officially The Greater Sakasarian Reich, Sakasarisches Reich or Sakasarian Realm is a self-declared independent nation-state (more commonly referred to as a micronation by outsiders) with claims in Europe and the United Kingdom. It is a Constitutional Monarchy de jure, but is de facto run as a one party dictatorship.

All Reich agencies and the citizens work towards the Reichkaiser and Reichsmarschall to achieve national unity under one banner.


The original incarnation of Sakasaria was founded on the 25th August 2009 after discussions with friends about becoming an independent state. Sakasaria soon got a reputation for being chronically unstable and aggressive in its aims, however was respected in the community nonetheless.

Sakasaria was responsible for the downfall of the IMTO in 2012 when John Gordon infiltrated the organisation and attempted to dissolve it in a Sakasarian Intelligence Agency operation, however was thwarted by Casey Hamlin who attempted to fix the organisation.

On the 27th May 2019 the Reichskaiser announced the beginning of Jahr Null, a socio-engineering initiative to reinvigorate the Reich and ensure its survival for the future. The goal of Jahr Null is to erase all traces of previous Sakasarian history and ensure the Reich is the past, present and future, and to encourage the future generations within the nation to identify as contributing and upstanding citizens of the Reich. Jahr Null is also used to ensure consolidation of power under the National Sakasarian Reich Party and the Reichskaiser.


The Sakasarian Reich is a Constitutional Monarchy de jure, but is de facto run as a one party dictatorship.. The Reichsaiser is head of state and government, the Reichsmarschall advises the Reichskaiser on Reich policy and day to day running of government. the Reichsmarcshall also holds military commission within the Reichswehr and is second in command of the Armed Forces.

The Legislature is the Reichstag and is tasked with making and passing laws.


  • Reich Interior Ministry - Led by the Minister of the Interior, responsible for maintaining a census on all citizens and research discoveries within the Reich
  • Reich Foreign Ministry - Led by the Foreign Minister, in charge of maintaining the Federations presence and influence abroad and opening new diplomatic relations with other micronations.
  • Reich Ministry of Defence and War - Led by the Defence Minister, oversees the running, funding and equipment of the Federal Armed Forces and implementation of defence policy.
  • Reich Ministry of Culture and Scientific Research - Led by the Science Minister, in charge of all culture related things within the Federation and in charge of all scientific research and environmental surveys, the DCSR also oversees the University system and state owned research companies.

Administrative Divisions


Law and Order