Republic of Lurnex

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Republic Of Lurnex

“Nobody won a war dying for their country”
“Come out ye Black and Tans”
Republic Of Ireland
Capital cityDochbury
Largest cityFoxville
Official language(s)Gaelic and English
Official religion(s)Catholic
Short nameLurn
GovernmentLurnex First Party
Time zoneGMT
National sportFootball
National animalFox

The Republic Of Lurnex is a micronation created by Alexander Smith after he pulled out of Sucon, MPLA and Datar La Kopia conflict. The Republic Of Lurnex is an all Catholic nation. The national sport is football (soccer), the national animal is a Red Fox because they are a protected species in Lurnex. The capital is the only city in the nation. But Lurnex are hoping to expand and get more land.

Lurnex border territory.png


Alexander Era

On 23/2/2019 Alexander Smith created the Republic of Lurnex. He placed the nation with a democratic ideology. Alexander also signed a pact with the Union of Stellar Primum to insure safety to his people. Alexander also made his own “house of commons” where his party (Lurnex National Party) along with Lurnex First and Lurnex Communist Party would meet. Alexander would also meet weekly with the union to discuss topics. On 17/3/2019 Alexander declared war on Afrax because of a suspected ‘slave trade’. Alexander and his men fought in 4 battles and sadly lost the war. The Lurnexian people were disgusted with losing to Afrax and some wanted Alexander gone. Alexander met with the House of Commons and they spoke about what happened. The two rival parties expressed disappointment emotions and were on the side of the Lurnexian people. Hamish Smith leader of the Lurnex First party put forward a request to remove Alexander from leadership. Alexander and his party turned this down. With Hamish furious with this he decided to rally the citizens of lurnex and turn them against Alexander. Hamish was successful and on 2/4/2019 Alexander left Lurnex and Hamish was placed in charge

Hamish Smith Era

Hamish Smith is now the fascist dictator of Lurnex. On arrival he signed two pacts the Owhil Non-aggression Pact and The TamTamweed Militia agreement pact. The Owhil peace pact is a pact put in place that both nations are to help each other during conflicts and not declare war on each other. The TamTamweed Militia agreement pact is where the militia will fight along side the Lurnex Military during war and conflicts. The Militia is also supplied with weapons and ammo from Lurnex. Hamish also banned the democratic party in Lurnex and the communist party. He didn't want another ideology having a chance of uprising and over throwing him as dictator.

Political Parties

Party Ideology Leader Seats (House of Commons)
Lurnex First Fascist Hamish Smith
13 / 13
Lurnex Communist Party Communist (illegal) Finn Sullivan
0 / 13
Lurnex National Party Democratic (Illegal) Alexander Smith
0 / 14


Lurnex and Owhil share warm relations due to leaders Hamish Smith and King Abdullah 'Ba' Mifusda sharing Fascist views. The also both signed a Non-Aggression pact which means the two nations will not declare war on each other for 12 months. The pact was signed on 06/4/2019. They also both agreed to help each other during times of war and other conflicts.


The Republic Of Lurnex Military is a team of Divisons set up by different commanders. The divisions were purchased by Alexander Smith on his arrival to Lurnex. All Divisions are now government owned and supplied by Lurnex. The divisions are stated below;

Weapons used by Lurnex Military

Military Division Alpha

Military division Alpha is the best squad in the Republic Of Lurnex army. The commander is Conner Macdougall who has served Lurnex on a number of occasions. The other 5 soldiers are also highly trained. The squad were used in all 4 battles between Lurnex and The Afrax colonial empire.

Military Division Bravo

Military division Bravo are a squad of highly trained marksmen. The commander is callum Waring and specialises in many forms of combat. He trained in being a marksman in 2012 and was appointed commander on 05/04/2019 by Hamish Smith. Alexander funded the training of this squad and set up a training camp in the hills of Lurnex. They were used in war between Afrax and lurnex but were only used three times because of casualties.

Military Division Charlie

The newest division added to the Lurnex military. This is a squad of support and medic soldiers. These sat and waited for injured or low supplied men to return to the base during the Lurnex, Afrax war to be re-supplied or medically treated. This division was used in all 4 wars and came away with no casualties. When the other divisions were arrested, this division managed to escape from the last battle and avoid punishment from Afrax.

The TamTamweed Militia

The TamTamweed Militia is a group of soldiers who were brought in by Hamish Smith. The militia help Lurnex in battles and conflicts inside or outside of Lurnex. The militia is not apart of the military and are a a private army.


Lurnex V Afrax

On 17/03/2019 Alexander Smith declared war on the The Afrax colonial empire. Alexander declared war because of the uncovering of The Afrax slave trade. Lurnex tried to resolve this issue but Afrax didn't co-operate and an argument sparked up. This argument ended with Lurnex declaring war on Afrax.

Battle of Fort Tegani

The Battle of Fort Tegani is the first battle that took place between Lurnex and Afrax. The battle took place by a military base known as Fort Tegani, located inside Afrax. On the day of the battle military sergeant Connor Macdougall split his army into two. 3 Snipers and 4 front line soldiers. The men moved up close but were then spotted and the Afrax men unloaded air-soft bullets after air-soft bullets into the Lurnex men. Eventually the men retreated and Afrax defended the base and won the battle

Tenerife Offensive

Lurnex and Afrax were locked in combat over the banana plant located in Tenerife. With Alexander disgusted with Macdougall's tactics in the first war he set himself in charge for 'round 2'. This time the army of 7 met with the Afrax army of 6 and they were locked into a game of capture the flag. Alexander forced his men to flank round and take the Afrax army by surprise but what Alexander did not know was that Afrax had expected this tactic. As Alexander got to the half way point he was stopped in his tracks by a 'smoke mine' which blinded the army for a few seconds. When the mine went off the Afrax army unloaded air-soft bullets into the Lurnex Army and knocked back the army by 4 men. Alexander was left with 3 men and was expected to lose the war until one of his soldiers made the push and secured the flag.

Siege of Lurnex

With Lurnex on the brink of potentially winning the war. Lurnex gathered an army of 10 and Afrax had an army of 8. Lurnex started the battle with the tactic to defend what they had. Afrax went full force and almost broke through to get into Lurnex territory. But before they broke through. Sucon militias appeared and began throwing there 5 soldiers in the face of Afrax. When Alexander saw this he demanded his army pushed up and win the war. Alexander pushed the army back to the halfway mark until they were forced to fight downhill. Alexander realised that if they kept pushing Afrax would hold tight and have a better advantage. The battle was locked at the halfway point until Alexander retreated the troops back. Afrax eventually did the same and the battle was drawn.

Siege of Thomasville

7 Lurnex soliders launched a surprise attack on the Afrax capital Thomasville. Alexander ordered that Connor Macdougall and the 7 soldiers were to set up on the farm surrounding Thomasville. Once in position the Lurnex military unloaded airsoft bullets in the direction of the house. Thomas was awoken by this and began to defend with his life. Citizens nearby started throwing rocks and sticks at the Lurnex army helping knock them back. The Afrax military began gaining an advantage. The Afrax army of 20 and the Ruaridh Williams brigade of 16 managed to pin Lurnex soldiers into one position by the farm. Afrax soldiers snuck round and managed to force the Lurnex military into submission. Afrax arrested and then later removed Lurnex soldiers from the area. Afrax managed to hold out and win the war.

Peace Conference


The war was ended on 25/03/2019. Thomas 'El-Tegani' Elliot has come away victorious. As the two sides met in a peace conference Thomas said that he would take the bottom half of Lurnex and leave the top in Lurnex control. (Shown in the image on the left) Is the land El-Tegani took. Alexander came out with a statement later that day saying that he was disappointed and upset. Alexander also met with the house of commons at 12:00 AM. During this meeting, the house of Commons expressed disappointment towards Alexander. The citizens also expressed anger and sadness toward Alexander through email.

Lurnex Civil War

Lurnex Civil War

Agriculture & Geography


The Farming and Agriculture is very vast inside Lurnex. With Lurnex being surrounded by fields a lot goes on up at the farms, Lurnex has a vast live stock that ranges from Cows, sheep, pigs and chickens. They also grow their own agriculture. Which ranges from potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce, turnips etc. The farmers then travel to Dublin, Galway, Cork etc and they sell there goods at the market.

Lurnex also get a supply of bananas from Tenerife. Lurnex colonised a banana farm on the 3rd of March 2019 and now ship bananas all across the Europe. Lurnex will be getting shipments in for local farmers to take and sell at markets in cities acroos ireland and the money will be sent back to help produce more bananas in Tenerife.


In the Republic Of Lurnex there are two cities Dochbury and Foxville. The capital city is Foxville and is titled that because the national animal is a Red Fox.


Tenerife Colonies

Borders of Las Golondrinas

Inside Tenerife, Lurnex owns South West Golondrinas a colony in Tenerife. The colony borders with the Yeoman Territories owned Las Golondrinas. There was a heated debate over deciding the land but luckily arguments were resolved. Inisde the colony there is 1 house and 1 garage. The home is owned by Linda Smith grandma to Alexander Smith. The other two citizens work at the garage they repair cars, trucks and other modes of transport.

Borders of Planta de Banano

Lurnex also owns a banana plant known as Lurnex Planta de Banano. it is home to 12 Lurnex/Spanish citizens who all work on the farm. The farm grows, then processes the bananas which then get sold to big named Supermarkets. The plant was originally all owned by Lurnex but the Kingdom of Tarvit and The Afrax colonial empire demanded some land. This sparked up arguemnts and threats of war, but it died down as Lurnex started to comply. The plant was divided into three equal pieces of land with tarvit owning the middle part and Afrax owning the east side.

While deciding the territories Alexander got into a heated argument with Keenan Carr I and Thomas Elliot over land. They met in a discord call and argued back and forward about who gets what land. Alexander wanted more land but thomas and keenan denied his request. when they all reached conclusions on who got what, everyone was satisfied and relations were restored.

Bananas in Lurnex Planta de Banano

Alexander has visited Tenerife 7 times. Since his Grandma lives there he can freely visit just having to pay flights. While in tenerife he was shown around the house, garage and banana farm. He really liked the land and immediately colonised it. The people were happy to be ruled under Alexander and the Lurnex micro nation and they celebrated for a night before they went back to work. The 3rd of March is now a national holiday at South West Golondrinas and Planta de banano.

On the 4th of March, Alexander Smith offered to share his the plantation inside Planta de Banano with Thomas Elliot. Thomas and Alexander were glad to come to these terms with Alexander still in full control but with Afrax workers crossing the borders and being paid a wage in Lurnex owned Planta de Banano to do work and help produce more bananas. Alexander stated "I'm glad me and Thomas managed to agree on a deal that would boost our relations,especially after the dispute over land in Tenerife".

On the 7th of march Lurnex received there first load of bananas after colonising the plant. The bananas arrived early in the morning and were collected at the Cupar post office. Lurnex are grateful for the bananas and cannot wait to receive more.