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Owhil Flag.png

الله وأوهيل وميفوسدا
God, Owhil and Mifusda
Capital cityOwhil City
Largest cityOwhil City
Official language(s)Arabic, English and French
Official religion(s)Islam and Catholic
GovernmentOwhil First
CurrencyOwhil Pound
National sportFootball
National animalTiger

Owhil is a micro nation that borders with The free state of Halaib Sudan and the African country Sudan. The motto الله وأوهيل وميفوسدا translates into God, Owhil and Mifusda. Which is also the national anthem. Arabic was the main language until French and English colonists visited Sudan before Owhil existed. The Owhil first party is the only legal party inside Owhil. Owhil banned the other two parties. The ideology is a fascist monarchy. The king and head of government king Abdullah 'Ba' Mifusda I is the first king to be in charge of Owhil. The population is a majority of King Abdullah's family. Including workers on the land. The national sport is football, it was adopted by king Abdullah because it is also Sudan's national sport. The national animal is a Tiger because Abdullah is fond of the animal.

Owhil Location.PNG