Republic of Andany

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Republic of Andany
Republic of Andany flag.png

Verum omnia solvit,
Official language(s)English, Itallian
Official religion(s)None
Government Presidential republic
- PresidentMohammed Dealvi
- Prime MinisterJani Kopolo
- Senate LeaderVacant
LegislatureRepublican Senate
Established22 May 2018
Disestablished23 May 2018
Population6 (2018)
CurrencyNew Andanian Dollar
National animalEagle

The Republic of Andany is a self-declared state located within Italy, with enclaves in Canada, America, Hong Kong, and Finland. Andany has a population of 6 and is a presidential republic, with Conchua as its capital.


The Republic of Andany was established on May 22, 2018, when it declared independence from the Principality of Andany, claiming legitimacy to the territories of Andany. Several Andanians believed Pablo I, then ruler of the Principality of Andany, made false claims regarding his residence in the territories of Andany and the existence of his government. Dissatisfied Andanians declared independence, electing Gerrelf Levefre as the inaugural president. The first prime ministers and senate leaders were Austin Jaax and Jani Kopolo, respectively. However, the attempt at statehood ended in one day, as it went defunct on the next day. It was classified as a rebellion by the government of the Principality of Andany.

Formal Recognition