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—  Matthewopia Capital  —
Established 24 March 2017 (as Territory)
 - King Matthew Hubbard
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Population (4)
 - Total 4
Time zone ACST
Website https://matthewopia.wordpress.com/

Queentown was the capital and largest city of Matthewopia. Queentown was located in the north of Matthewopia. The city had a permanent population of 4 people. It was the seat of power of the monarch. Queentown had a total area of 320m² and a population of 4, making up 0.4% of the Matthewopian population. The city was founded in 2018, named after King Matthew. The area was originally inhabited by the Kaurna people. It contained 3 buildings, the royal palace, the Matthewopian laboratory and a garden tool shed.