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I'm taking a Wikibreak due to my Year 11 and Year 12 studies and may be inactive for a long period of time. Messages left on my Talk Page may not be responded to very quickly.
Matthew Hubbard
Monarch of Matthewtopia
Assumed office:
December 16th, 2017
Predecessor Katalin Hubbard
Member of Greens Party
Assumed office:
June 6th, 2019 to present
Personal information
Political party Greens Party (Matthewopia) (Matthewopia)
Religion Christian (Non Practicing)

Matthew Hubbard is a Matthewopian politician and currently serves as the king of the Republic of Matthewopia. He also runs a national anthem composing service, Music by Matthew H. You probably are on this page because he fixed a spelling mistake on your page.

Early life and education

Matthew was born on 2nd December 2004 in West Sussex, to Steve and Zsuzsa Hubbard. The youngest of 2 children, Matthew is of English and Hungarian descent and moved to Australia after a year in England. Matthew was raised atheist but began attending protestant church services with his mother, and soon got christened. Matthew is currently enrolled in Banksia Park International High School in South Australia.

Micronational career

Matthew first learned of micronationalism while scrolling the internet. He overtook his sister to the crown (Katalin Hubbard) in 2019. He established the Greens Party and became Matthewopia's most influential monarch.

Matthew Hubbard's political compass


Hit Matthew up on his socials. He appreciates a good chat.

  • Instagram: @mattybro317
  • Reddit: u/mh06941
  • Discord: Mattplaysthedrums#3299


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"The objective of micronational war is not to die for your country, but to type letters fast and ping everyone in a server"