Qǐyì Revolution

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Qǐyì Revolution
Date28 July 2014 - 11 August 2014
Result Empire of Chukou overthrown;
Wong Bao-kong surrendered, arrested and exiled;
Greater Beiwanese Empire succeeded
Flag of Ying.png Ying dynasty
Revolutionary Front (Chukou) flag.png Rebel forces
Support from
Flag of Shurigawa.png Imperial State of Shurigawa
Flag of Kangcho.png Empire of Kangcho
Koya flag.png United Koyan Assistation
Chukou flag.png Empire of Chukou
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Ying.png Liu-kuang
Flag of Shurigawa.png Aguri Sato
Flag of Kangcho.png Enoch Chung
Chukou flag.png Wong Bao-kong
Chukou flag.png Wong Yung-jie
24 18

The Qǐyì Revolution took place between July and August 2014 in the areas surrounding Beiwan, and was fought between forces of the Empire of Chukou and the Ying dynasty led by Liu-kuang.

Liu-kuang led his army to attack Chukou's capital Gonghai from two directions (South and West). The Empire of Chukou's Prime Minister Wong Yung-jie ordered the Imperial Chukouese forces defending Gonghai to open the gates and let Ying Army in. After the fall of the Empire of Chukou, Wong Bao-kong was captured, arrested and forced in "quick trail". During trail, the future emperor Liu-kuang did not give a tantō for Wong to commit Seppuku, he said "I am much more discipline than Mr Wong and I will not betray any principles of the Chinese folk religion, former dictator Wong Bao-kong will live in exile, living in guilt is the worse punishment than death.". No actual battle was fought in Beiwan itself because the Ying Army marched on the capital unopposed, and even after occupying Chukou's capital, the army did not face any resistance. Liu-kuang then acceded to the throne, and established the Greater Beiwanese Empire as emperor.