Imperial Chukouese Military

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Imperial Chukouese Military
Imperial Chukouese Military flag.png
Flag of the Imperial Chukouese Military
Established 25 June 2014
Country Chukou flag.png Empire of Chukou
Branches Imperial Army
Imperial Air Force
Imperial Navy
Commander-in-Chief Wong Bao-kong

The Imperial Chukouese Military encompass the Imperial Army, Imperial Navy (including the Marine Corps), Imperial Air Force and Military Police Force of the Empire of Chukou. The military's current foremost mission is the defense of the islands of Chukou and the prefecture of Shenghou against any possible invaders.


The Coast Guard Administration was created in 2014 from related police and military units and is administered by the Executive Yuan and may be incorporated as a military branch during times of emergency but for the large part remains in civilian control.


Since Empire of Chukou is known for a "Micronation of Martial Arts", the military trains the Army, Navy and Air Force Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Wing Chun.

Military branches

Imperial Chukouese Army

The Imperial Chukouese Army is the largest branch of the armed forces of the Empire of Chukou. An estimated 80% of the Army is located on Shenghou, while the remainder are stationed elsewhere. The primary focus is on defense and counterattack against any possible attacks made by any foreign micronations.

Imperial Chukouese Navy

The Imperial Chukouese Navy is the maritime branch of the Armed forces of the Empire of Chukou. The EOC Navy's primary mission is to defend the Empire of Chukou's territories and the sea or River Ouse lanes in against a blockade or an attack. Operations include maritime patrols in the EOC Strait and surrounding waters, as well as counter-strike and counter-invasion operations during a possible wartime.

Imperial Chukouese Air Force

The Imperial Chukouese Air Force is the aviation branch of the armed forces of the Empire of Chukou. The EOCAF's primary mission is the defense of the airspace over and around the Empire of Chukou's territories. Priorities of the EOCAF include the development of long range reconnaissance and surveillance networks, which may be difficult for the Air Force itself.