New Peking

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New Peking
—  Metropolis  —
Country Chukou flag.png Empire of Chukou
Region North Shenghou
Prefecture Shenghou Prefecture
Settled 1945
 - Type City Council of New Peking
 - Total 4
Time zone GMT (UTC)
Capital city of the Empire of Chukou

New Peking (新北京), officially known as New Peking City (新北京城市), is the capital of the Empire of Chukou. Situated at the northern part of Shenghou, New Peking is located on the the Shenghou Prefecture The city proper is home to an estimated 4 people. New Peking is the political, economic, and cultural center of the Empire of Chukou.


End of World War II

In 1945, New Peking was built for victims of the Second World War, those who lost their homes due to an air raid in York. The National Yuan used to be a home for World War II victims and it's walls were made from tin metal to prevent the house from shattering in case of any possible air raid.


New Peking pagoda

Local health

Health care in New Peking is managed by the National Health Insurance of the Empire of Chukou. The current program was implemented in 2014, and is considered to be a form of social insurance. The government health insurance program maintains compulsory insurance for citizens who are employed, impoverished, unemployed, or victims with fees that correlate to the individual and/or family income; it also maintains protection for non-citizens working in the Empire of Chukou. A standardized method of calculation applies to all persons and can optionally be paid by an employer or by individual contributions.