Progressive Conservative Party (Matachewan)

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Progressive Conservative Party
ChairmanYuriy Aleksander
Deputy ChairmanN/A
SloganMatachewan First
FoundedOctober 2nd, 2019
IdeologyFlexible Conservatism
Political positionNon-Aligned
Official colorsOrange (accompanied by white)
Grand Sejm
2 / 12
Council of Ministers
1 / 8
Premiers of Matachewan
0 / 2

The Progressive Conservative Party, more commonly known as the Pro-Con Party is a political party in Matachewan, it was created by Christopher Miller on the 2nd of October, 2019. It the governing party of Matachewan.


Monarchist Party of Matachewan

On November 14th, 2018, King Brandon Mierzwa of the Commonwealth of Matachewan founded the Monarchist Party of Matachewan. It gained a lot of support from the populace and remained the biggest party in Matachewan through the nations' unstable history as a dependency of Gröpenigen, independence from Gröpenigen, all the way through the 4th Kingdom, 5th Kingdom, Rebel state 6th Kingdom, 2nd Republic, and the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth. It was not a political party within the 6.5th Kingdom; the Kingdom of Pomorskie but was reimplemented in its succeeding state, the currently active 7th Kingdom, the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan and lasted until it was officially disbanded on the 16th of October, 2019.

Social-Democratic Conservative Party

The Social-Democratic Conservative Party was founded by at-the-time Minister of Motivation, Christopher Miller on July 25th, 2019. It was the second political party in the Kingdom of Pomorskie. Shortly fter the King of Pomorskie found out that King Kleinmann had dissolved the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth, he took it upon himself to reintroduce and continue Matachewan's legacy through dissolving the Kingdom of Pomorskie and replacing it with the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan where Brandon continued the Monarchist Party alongside the S.D.C.P. who now held the office of the Deputy Prime Minister. When the Monarchists dissolved in October, the Centre Party attempted to succeed it; but the unpopular S.D.C.P. changed that in the October Prime Minister election.

The Progress Party

The S.D.C.P. had now won its very first election, with all the newly gained traction its one and only member, the Prime Minister-elect decided to completely reprofile the party. On October 2nd, it became the Progress Party, set on solely focusing on the progress of Matachewan, no matter what. On that very same day, the party's strongest and most respectable opponent was refounded, the United Northern Liberal Party of Matachewan, a successor of a previous party from the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth with the same name. On the 23rd of the same month, the Progress Party became what we know today.

Progressive Conservative Party

Still set and focused on developing Matachewan to its full potential, this version of the party is the most successful one. Being officially recognised by the King as the successor to the Monarchist Party, peaking at sixteen members before the February purge of citizens who have forgotten about their citizenship, winning the November Prime Minister election as well; until the free trial of being lucky promptly ended.

The Opposition

Understandably tired about their two-term governing party, longing for some change, the populace of Matachewan started flocking around someone who promised exactly that. The respectable leader, Nicholas Lokin of the opposing United Northern Liberal Party held a strong case in favor of political change. The U.N.L.P. showed to be strong competition, being weak and small at times, it has and had always been strong in the sense of endurance; and that showed itself in the December election where they surprisingly won by a landslide. The 1st Lokin Administration abruptly came to an end when the Pro-Con dominated parliament, the Sejm, pointed out a breach in the Treaty of the Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth caused by the Liberal Government. This led to the Prime Minister being tried and found guilty thereafter being deposed only days before the January election taking place in between which the Liberal Deputy Prime Minister politely took the wheel.

Current Success & Crisis of the 18th

The Progressive Conservative Government continued from January 2020 onwards, as the 3rd Progressive Conservative Administration, it was the first elected Administration being subject to a prolonged term of two months instead of one month in accordance to a Bill previously passed by the Sejm. On the 18th of February, the Progressive Conservative Government suddenly found themselves to be in complete control of the state as the King had abdicated and appointed the Progressive Conservative leader as Matachewan's Head of State. He proclaimed himself Regent to the King of Matachewan and controversially took on absolute dictatorial powers over the state, something the party has been criticised for afterwards. Luckily, the King was convinced to come back and dissolve the nation, something that he did, with the exception of actually dissolving the nation. In the most recent election, the Progressive Conservative Party was given two more months; the next election will take place on the 1st of April, 2020.

The Modern Progressive Conservative Party

Name Changing Debate

The Progressive Conservative Government - being responsible for the game-changing "Bill of Awesomeness" takes pride in all its accomplishments. Branching off the fact that the party is constantly fixed on Matachewan's progress, it's Chairman and Deputy Chairman have been campaigning for a name-change on several occasions - the members of the party have always declined the request, saying that they like the current name as it is. Name ideas have included:

  • Patriotic Party
  • Progress Party
  • National(ist) Party
  • National(ist) Congress
  • National(ist) League

et cetera

Notable Dates

1 September 2019
  • Chairman Christopher of the S.D.C.Party loses the election against Prime Minister Peter S. W. (Monarchist Party)
2 October 2019
  • Christopher (Independent) has won the October Prime Minister election against Peter S. W. (Monarchist Party)
  • The Prime Minister-elect forms the Progress Party on that night.
4 October 2019
  • The Prime Minister goes on a poorly timed vacation.
  • Future Deputy Chairman of the Party, Robert S. becomes Acting Prime Minister until the 10th
23 October 2019
  • Name is changed from Progress Party to Progressive Conservative Party.
25 October 2019
  • First logo is drafted; but never put in use.
1 November 2019
  • The Progressive Conservatives win an unspecified majority in the Sejm.
  • Chairman wins second consecutive term as Prime Minister.
1 December 2019
  • The Progressive Conservatives win an unspecified majority in the Sejm.
  • Chairman runs for a 3rd term - loses to the U.N.L.Party.
27 December 2019
  • Future Deputy Chairman of the Party and Minister of the Judiciary, Robert S. authorises the trial of the Prime Minister (UNLP)
  • Prime Minister Nicholas deposes Simon F. (ProCon) as Deputy Prime Minister in favor of former Prime Minister Peter S. W. (UNLP)
30 December 2019

Robert Smith is elected Deputy Chairman of the Party.

29 December 2019
  • The office of the Prime Minister of Matachewan the Commonwealth is restricted to only be the office of the Prime Minister of Matachewan.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Party, Minister of the Judiciary Robert S. declares that the Prime Minister (UNLP) has been found guilty on charges of defying the Second Treaty of the Grand Matachewanian Commonwealth and is removed from office.
  • Deputy Prime Minister Peter S. W. (UNLP) briefly becomes Prime Minister of Matachewan.
  • The Sejm passes a bill prolonging the term of a Prime Minister to 2 months instead of 1, taking effect as the next Prime Minister is elected.
2 January 2020
  • Chairman Christopher is reelected to serve a third term as Prime Minister.
  • Prime Minister Peter S. W. (UNLP) is de-elevated to Deputy Prime Minister.
3 January 2020
  • Deputy Prime Minister Peter S. W. is deposed.
  • Former Deputy Prime Minister Simon F. is re-appointed.
  • Elections for the Sejm are concluded, ending up as the most astounding Pro-Con victory; almost turning Matachewan into a 1 party Government.

Orange - Progressive Conservative Party. Red - United Northern Liberal Party. Blue - Freedom Party.

Pro Con seats in the Matachewanian Sejm.png
9 January 2020
  • By royal decree; Gen. Bryg. Beau E. (ProCon) is appointed Prime Minister of Matachewan.
  • Chairman Christopher de-elevates to the office of the Deputy Prime Minister.
11 January 2020
  • Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Party is appointed Prince Imperial of the Commonwealth.

14 February 2020

  • In place of the Prime Minister of Matachewan, by consent of the King; the Deputy Prime Minister dissolves the entire government and Sejm.
  • By royal decree; Prime Minister Beau E. (ProCon) is deposed and former Deputy Prime Minister Simon F. (ProCon) is named Premier of Matachewan.
18 February 2020
  • King Brandon I abdicates and names Christopher as head of state.
  • Chairman of the Party, Christopher takes on absolute dictatorial powers and names himself Regent of Matachewan in the absence of Brandon. Matachewan becomes a one-party state.
  • Being Prince Imperial to the Commonwealth; Christopher is elevated to Emperor of the Commonwealth as well as dictator of Matachewan.
  • Maximum and hour later, the now dictator abdicates in favor of renaming Brandon Mierzwa as King Brandon I again. After a lot of pressure and a renewed confidence, he accepts.
20 February 2020
  • The Party Chairman, being in an unspecified government position; releases the Bill of Awesomeness and it is ratified by the King through royal decree.
  • In accordance to the Bill, Premier Simon (ProCon) and Chairman Christopher are named Premier of Matachewan and Premier of Matachewan for Global Affairs respectively.
  • The Progressive Conservative Government pulls out of the Matachewan-Etukan Agreement.
1 March 2020
  • There is a proposed merger between the Progressive Conservatives and the United Northern Liberals. It was considered, however denied by both sides.
2 March 2020
  • The Progressive Conservative Party wins; Simon begins on his 2nd term, Christopher begins on his 4th term. It is the second joint Fraser-Miller Government.
  • Premier of Matachewan, Simon; leaves the party and joins the United Northern Liberal Party for unspecified reasons.

List of leaders of the Progressive Conservative Party

In accordance to a referendum held on 27 December, 2019; the Chairman of the Party is not to be elected, however he can be forced to resign whenever the majority of the party agrees to this. The Deputy Chairman, however, is elected every month on the 1st unless otherwise is specified.

List of Chairpersons
# Name Term start Term end
1 Chairman
Christopher Miller
2 October 2019 Incumbent
List of Deputy Chairpersons
# Name Term start Term end
1 Deputy Chairman
Robert Smith II
30 December 2019 5 April 2020
2 Deputy Chairwoman
Christina H. Nowell
7 April 2020 Incumbent