President of the Greater Kaleido

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Federal President of Greater Kaleido
Lakan Gat Sandiwa

since 9 September 2016
StyleYour Excellency
ResidenceNo Official Residence
AppointerDirect Election
Term length1 year
Inaugural holderLakan Gat Sandiwa
Formation1 May 2016 (original)
8 September 2016 (Current)
SuccessionPrime Minister of Greater Kaleido

The President of the Federation of the Greater Kaleido, also known as the Federal President is the head of state of the Federation of the Greater Kaleido. According to the Greater Kaleidan Constitution, it is the highest position in the Government, but it is not the actual head of the Executive Branch of Government although he is the chairman, hence the President will appoint a Prime Minister to lead the Executive Department under his/her guidance.


# Portrait Name Party Took Office Left Office
- LGS.jpg Lakan Gat Sandiwa Independent 9 September 2013 present

-: Interim President