Lakan Gat Sandiwa

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His Highness
Lakan Gat Sandiwa
President of the Greater Kaleido
Assumed office
9 September 2016
Predecessor Himself as Monarch
Prince (Kage) of the Grammarian Republic
Assumed office
25 July 2016
Predecessor Victor Sadi I
King of Greater Kaleido
In office
15 August 2016-9 September 2016
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Office Abolished
Personal information
Born 29 September 2003 (2003-09-29) (age 20)
Manila, Philippines
Citizenship Kaleidonian
Nationality Filipino
Religion Iglesia ng Caldero
Roman Catholicism (Lapsed)

Lakan Gat Sandiwa (born Drinian Ordanel, September 29, 2003) is a Grammarian-Kaleidan Politician who is the Interim President of the Greater Kaleido since 9 September 2016. He is also King of Greater Kaleido from 15 August 2016 to 9 September 2016. He is also the current Elective Prince of the Kaleidan State of Grammaria since 25 July 2016. He is notable (along with Arnie Racaza) for starting the 2016 Political Crisis in Greater Kaleido, but has been acquited from their cases of treason because of their eventual surrender two months later. He was appointed Interim President until elections was setted up.

Early Micronational Career

His Micronational Career started when he was crowned the Emperor of the Venzenian Empire on 24 June 2006. He ruled as an Absolute Monarch for nine years until the country was renamed Grammaria on 23 July 2016, which effectively ended his Reign.

On 3 November 2015, he was elected as the President of the Independent Grammarian Republic after then-Emperor Victor I called for a Snap Elections for the Incoming Presidency.

On 22 April 2016, President Ordanel, along with President Lakan Gat Mahayap of th Independent State of Kaleido, and King Arnie I of the Kingdom of Luna, signed an agreemenr forming the Federation of the Greater Kaleido.