President of Latereslandia

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President of the State of Latereslandia
Insignia of the State of Latereslandia
Insignia of the State of Latereslandia
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Horatio Eden

since 1st March, 2017
StyleMr./Madam President
NominatorState political parties
AppointerState electorate
Term lengthFour months
Inaugural holderHoratio Eden
Last holderOffice established
SuccessionMost senior members of the Presidium

The President of Latereslandia is the head of state of the State of Latereslandia, a constituent state of the Democratic Union of British States. The President of the state is the head of the state's executive branch, the Presidium, the equivalent of the Lord Presidential cabinet.

The President derives their authority from the Constitution of Latereslandia, which gives them the authority to:

  • Veto all legislation passed by the Latereslandic Assembly, the legislature of Latereslandia. The Constitution does not provide for a way to overturn the veto.
  • Declare a state of emergency (unless within seventy-two hours the state Assembly moves to overturn the declaration). This gives the President full legislative and executive power, save the authority to unilaterally amend the state constitution.
  • Force the Federal Administrator (a federal official appointed by the national government to ensure state law is in line with federal law) to return to the Lord President and require a new one be appointed. This power can only be utilised once every three months.
  • Direct the Latereslandic State Guard, the state militia and only armed force within the state. This force can, however, be federalised by the Lord President at any time.
  • Issue presidential decrees with the force of state law for the direction of state agencies and specifically executive matters.

Lord President Horatio Eden appointed himself President of Latereslandia on the 1st of March, 2017. The position will be elected on or before the 1st of May.

List of presidents

No. Name Image Tenure Party Notes
1 Horatio Eden 1 March 2017 – Present Conservative and Democratic Party Appointed himself President upon ratification of the Constitution. Serves a two month caretaker term.