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Aenopia Blue Route Map.svg

Aenopian Motorway - Route 01 (AM-01), or simply the Blue Route is a 65-metre (213 ft) long state highway which travels from the UK-Aenopia Border Bridge to UK-Aenopia North Bridge via New Llandudno Interchange; where the road diverges for SR-01 towards New Llandudno Square and Airforce base/Airport. The highway was commissioned for high-speed travel in December 2019 following reviews and checks on the state of the pathway. It is currently longest and only road in Empire of Aenopia, and the only tarmac one. It was one of the first two roads commissioned in Aenopia, as part of the Blue Route project in New Llandudno and Subsidiaries.

The road begins at the northern (Western in Aenopian terms) most point of the territory at the border between the UK and Aenopia and ends at the UK-Aenopia Border Bridge in the south (Eastern in Aenopian terms). It runs alongside the west section of New Llandudno forest, before it leads into New Llandudno Junction, where the road diverges and intersects with the SR-01 road towards New Llandudno Square.