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Flag of Aenopia
See adjacent text.
Use National flag
Proportion 4:7
Adopted 11 March 2021
Design A vertical biccolour, featuring the Aenopian Coat of Arms in the center.
Designed by Simon Reeve

The flag of Aenopia is one of numerous national ensigns officially adopted by Empire of Aenopia on 11 March 2021. During Aenopia's 3 years, 7 months and 4 daysof existence, numerous designs of flags have been utilised, with the 'Shattered stained glass' design being utilised for the longest, lasting 13 months and 9 days. The flag was initially designed during the planning stages of Aenopia and was intended for a planned Federation. The design came from the British Train Operator Transpennine Express, a regional train operator that runs services across the North of England operated by FirstGroup. Following the initial annexation of Aenopia by Empire of Emosia on 1 July 2019, the flag was adopted with the Emosian flag in the left corner...