Popular Party (Pinang)

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Popular Party
PresidentMayor of New Bazhong
Founded13 August 2018
Dissolved17 February 2021
HeadquartersNew Bazhong
IdeologyMilitarism and Authoritarianism
Political positionRight-wing
Colors  Dark Green and   Red
Executive Council
1 / 5

The Popular Party (Italian: Partito Popolare) was a militarist and authoritarian party of Pinang. The party was founded by the ex Mayor of Estintore. The last President was the Current monarch and mayor of New Bazhong.


The party was founded by the Mayor of Estintore on 13 August 2018. From 17 November 2019 to the dissolution the president was the current Kaiba.

List of Presidents

Title Collocation Start of term End of term Duration of the term
1st Mayor of Estintore Centre-Left 14 August 2018 17 November 2019 399 days
2nd Current Kaiba Right-wing 17 November 2019 17 February 2021 458 days


Before the dissolution, the party combined militarism and autoritarianism. The party was positioned in the political spectrum in the right-wing politics.

Electoral results

Election Popular vote Vote percentage Candidate Affluence
Elections for the president of the Parliament June 2019 1/6 16,67% Mayor of New Bazhong 54,54%