Political parties of Shaoshan

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Socialist Party of Shaoshan
First SecretaryEdward Morton
Deputy SecretaryAmy Wilde
Slogan"Progress, Unity, Equality!"
AnthemThe Internationale
FoundedSeptember 24, 2016
Membership  (2016)7
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism, Social Democracy Anti-racism, Anti-fascism, Anti-corporatism, Anti-monopoly Anti-imperialism
Some factions:
Shaoshanian Autonomy Californian Nationalism
Political positionLeft
Official coloursRed
People's Council
4 / 7
Feline Party
ChairmanGoldie the Cat
SecretaryTwylie the Cat
Slogan"The Meow of Liberty and Democracy Shall Always Be Heard"
Founded31 August 2016
HeadquartersShaoshan City
Membership  (2016)8
IdeologyLiberalism, Social Democracy, Animal rights, Stuffy Rights, Feline Rights, Green Politics
Some factions:
Democratic Socialism, Feline Nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
Official coloursBlue
People's Council
0 / 7
Olaf National Liberation Front (ONLF)
ChairmanOlaf Gustafsen
SecretaryOlaf Stellasen
President of the Executive CommitteeOlaf Gustafsen Jr
Slogan"Snowmen Know Best"
AnthemSnowman's Anthem
Founded31 August 2016
Membership  (2016)12
IdeologyLibertarianism, Stuffed Animal rights, Snowman Rights, Olaf Nationalism, Green Politics
Political positionCentre-left
Official coloursWhite
People's Council
0 / 7
Stuffed Animal Collective (SAC)
SecretaryBob Minion
Slogan"Stuffies Unite"
Founded31 August 2016
HeadquartersShaoshan City
Membership  (2016)TBA
IdeologyLiberalism, Social democracy, Stuffed Animal rights, Green Politics
Some factions:
Stuffy Nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
Official coloursPurple
People's Council
0 / 7
Pagan Unity Party
General SecretaryJulia Smith
Deputy General SecretaryTitus Smith
Slogan"May the Goddess Guide Us"
Founded11 November 2015
Membership  (2016)2
IdeologyPagan Rights, Wiccan Rights, Green Politics
Political positionBig tent
Official coloursGreen
National Assembly
1 / 7
National Party
PresidentDiana Smith
Slogan"Preservation and Unity"
Founded15 July 2015
HeadquartersShaoshan City
Membership  (2016)2
IdeologyCivil libertarianism, Civic nationalism, Populism, Fiscal Conservatism, Economic Liberalism
Political positionCentre to Centre-right
Official coloursyellow
National Assembly
1 / 7
Communist Party of Shaoshan
ChairmanTitus Smith
SloganTo the Future of Our Motherland!
AnthemDer Heimliche Aufmarsch
Founded26 May 2014 (official, 1st incarnation)
8 Feb 2015 (second incarnation)
24 Nov 2015 (3rd incarnation)
24 September 2016 (revival)
Membership  (2016)1
IdeologyRevolutionary Socialism
Marxism–Leninism–Mao Zedong Thought
Ho Chi Minh Thought
Proletarian Internationalism
Californian Nationalism
Shaoshanian Autonomy
Political positionFar-Left
Official coloursRed
People's Council
0 / 7

Shaoshan is a multi-party democracy as loosely defined by its constitution, which allows any political party to exist that does not pose a threat to nation, its people, or democracy. Despite people with vastly different views, the nation is one of unity and as such has at most had five political parties and at the least one. Currently it has seven political parties, the Socialist Party, the Pagan Unity Party, the National Party, the Communist Party, the Stuffed Animal Collective, the Feline Party, and the Olaf National Liberation Front.

Historical parties

  • Worker's Party was a historically democratic socialist party which aimed for a socialist democracy in Shaoshan. It began as the Social Democratic Party in July 2015 until its merger with the Theodorists in March 2016. But after its disintegration, the Social Democrats rebranded themselves as the Socialist Party in April 2016 and effectively ruled Shaoshan under an autocratic regime led by Titus Smith. The party renamed itself the Worker's Party in August 2016. After the regime was voted out of office in a snap election called on by the people, following the exposure of a stuffed toy suppression and apartheid-like regime, the Worker's Party was declared illegal, banned, and forced to dissolve on September 23, 1 year after Smith's Mabon Revolution. The party was the oldest party in Shaoshan and the longest surviving one, living through seven government changes. Unlike most parties, it acted like a Communist party in that it consisted of a Politiburo and Central Committee.
  • Liberal Party was a historically progressive party in Shaoshan during much of the earlier parts of 2016 but soon fell into inactivity and disorder. It was a primarily neutral partner in politics though was in a government coalition with the Worker's Party for much of its existence. In September 2016, after party membership had decreased to two, the party effectively voted to dissolve.
  • Theodorist Party was an attempt at a left-wing monarchist party incorporating the values of democratic socialism and monarchism, also known as Theodorism. It was started in March 2016 but soon fell out of favor as resistance against monarchism continued to grow. The Theodorist Party lingered with a few splinter members until the end of May 2016 until the holdouts finally merged with the more dominant Socialist Party.
  • Social Democratic Party - Formed on July 13, 2015, the party remained the most influential and historic party in Shaoshan. It was responsible for the First Restoration of the Republic in August 2015 and the September 23rd Mabon Revolution. The party was instrumental in the radical reforms that transformed the country in the final months of 2015 and earlier months of 2016. Always a party devoted to preserving a democratic republic, the party played a key role in the political crisis of March and April 2016 and eventually merged with the heads of the Theodorist Party to form the Socialist Party in April 2016.
  • Communist Party - A fruitless venture by the founder and paramount leader of Shaoshan, Titus Smith, to establish a communist organization in the country. Three times established and three times defunct, the party espoused a hardline communist and revolutionary socialist line of thinking. Its only member was Smith himself. On March 17, 2016, Smith, softening on his ideological views, merged with members of the Social Democratic Party to form the Theodorist Party and the Communist Party became inactive.
  • Popular Democratic Party - Short-lived party formed on November 11, 2015 as a populist, big-tent, centrist political organization which sought to rally support from the Shaoshanian people for the January 8, 2016 Shaoshanian Presidential Election. While it held a relatively non-biased, non-aligned view on social affairs, it could not seek the support it desired. On January 5, 2016, just days before the election, its two members dissolved the organization and joining separate parties.
  • Bear Flag Movement - Formed on July 4, 2015 as a social movement of combined Californian and Shaoshanian nationalism, the movement started off as a big tent monarchist movement but slowly grew to favor a return to republicanism but with a more Californian and Shaoshanian central pride. Merged into the Social Democratic Party on September 9, 2015.
  • Democratic Progressive Liberty Party - Formed from a merge of the Liberal Democratic Party and Communist Party of Shaoshan, the DPLP consisted of a primarily liberal base with some members espousing more leftist beliefs. It was disbanded following the Monarchist Revolution on July 9, 2015.
  • National Party (I) - Formed on April 29, 2015 by members of the April 15th Coup d'etat after their defeat in the April 24th Skirmish, which led to their prosecution. While a civil libertarian and moderate nationalist movement, it did espouse monarchism. Following a decrease in population and resignation of prominent members, the National Party merged into the Bear Flag Movement on July 7, 2015.
  • Liberal Democratic Party - Formed on April 29, 2015 in response to the creation of the National Party; merged with the Communists to form Democratic Progressive Liberty Party (May 16, 2015)
  • Revolutionary Worker's Party - Original name of the Communist Party (April 28-November 30, 2014; February 8-February 13, 2015) and governing party of Costa Dorada (April 28-September 30, 2014).

List of current parties

Socialist Party

The Socialist Party (SPS) (also known as the Socialists) is a democratic socialist and Social Democratic political party in the Republic of Shaoshan. The party is a revival but not the legal successor of the Worker's Party. It was founded after members of the Worker's Party after the WPS was declared illegal, banned, and forced to disband on the anniversary of the Mabon Revolution, which its members declared in 2015. Unlike its predecessor, it does not contain a Central Committee or Politiburo. It advocates an enlightened ideal of democratic socialism with social democracy and is said to be a "post-Smithist" and "progressive reformist" party.


The party adheres to a hardline belief in democratic socialism as its social dynamic. It believes in a mixed market economic system and aims for social equality and espouses an anti-racist stance in its fight for social justice and is radically opposed to aspects they find authoritarian, thus the party adheres to a policy of anti-fascism believing fascism to be ultra-patriotist, imperialist, militarist, and ultra-nationalistic. It does not believe in the abolition of the capitalist state through revolutionary means but does agree there are certain aspects of capitalism that cause inequality which can be fixed by gradual reform towards a more wealth distributive worker's state. In doing so, the party holds a strong anti-corporate and anti-monopoly stance. The party espouses a mixture of green politics in its fight for environmental protection and preservation. Some members of the party also hold a great deal of Californian and Shaoshanian pride and espouses both a left-wing and civic form of nationalism and regionalism. The Socialists state their fight is for the democratic ideals of a republic.

Pagan Unity Party

The Pagan Unity Party (PUP) (also known as the Pagans) is a Pagan and Wiccan rights movement in the Republic of Shaoshan. It was formed as religious rights movement to protect and preserve the rights of and bring awareness to Pagans and Wiccans in the Shaoshanian community.


The party believes in a sense of economic liberalism and social issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, preservation of the environment and republicanism. They believe that social justice and equality should be valued as much as the environment and work to protect the rights of fellow members of their religious circle. The party is not aligned to any political spectrum, holding populism and big tent politics as the founding principle as to be welcoming to any and all Pagans with varying views and opinions.

Communist Party

The Communist Party (CPS) (also known as the Communists) is a Communist and revolutionary socialist party in the Republic of Shaoshan. It was formed after the banning of the Worker's Party, which it considers to be a revolutionary continuation but not a legal successor to the Worker's Party.


The party adheres to a strong sense of communist and revolutionary socialist ideals inspired by the works and philosophies of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Ho Chi Minh. It also believes in a core principle and thought process of its leader, Titus Smith, called "Smithism", which states that the path to revolution and eventual world worker's state is revolution in the third world and social democracy and democratic socialism in the First World and that through education and "de-capitalization", people will gradually favor progressive reforms and even revolutionary idealism. The Communist Party also believes in a California nationalist platform and supports a California nation state with Shaoshanian autonomous regionalism. It strongly advocates against racism, nationalism, capitalism, Zionism, and fascism, stating them all to be a threat to equality and to the proletariat, or what the party calls "reactionary". Its economic ideals consist of abolishing the capitalist system and replacing it with a worker's state and a process of nationalization, eventually leading to a communist state where the worker's control the means of production and the need for monetary want, along with classism, racism, sexism, and poverty are removed.

National Party

The National Party (also known as the New National Party, or simply as "The Nationals"), formerly known as the Monarchist Party, is a Liberal conservative and libertarian political party in the Bolivarian Republic of Shaoshan. It was formed as a lasting fragment of the former National Party after its merger into the Bear Flag Movement. Originally called the Empire Party, it was a coalition party with the Bear Flag Movement in the Monarchist Revolution. Following the Restoration of the Republic the Empire Party became the Monarchist Party dedicated to the preservation and eventual restoration of the imperial monarchy. In December 2015, the party renounced monarchism and any claim to the imperial monarchy or towards restoring the monarchy and renamed as the National Party. In March, however, monarchism became a recurring element in the party and the reestablishment of a monarchy. But following the April 5th Coup d'etat and establishment of the Bolivarian Republic, monarchism seemingly began to fade and in late May 2016, monarchism was denounced yet again.


The party adheres to mainly liberal conservative, libertarian, and moderate views. Economically, it believes in a free market capitalist system and free enterprise. It also espouses creating and establishing business interests in Shaoshan while also maintaining strong fiscal responsibility, reduced government spending and budget management.

Party Flag Short name Leader Platform Members Founded Position Colors
Socialist Party SDP.jpg Socialists Edward Morton Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy 7 September 24, 2016 Left Red
Feline Party ShaoshanFelineParty.jpg Cats Goldie the Cat Liberalism, Feline rights 8 August 31, 2016 Centre-left Blue
Stuffed Animal Collective SAC logo.jpg Stuffies Bob Minion Liberalism, Stuffed Animal rights TBA August 31, 2016 Centre-left Purple
Olaf National Liberation Front ONLF flag.jpg Olafs, Snowmen Olaf Gustafsen Stuffed Animal Rights, Snowman Rights, Olaf Nationalism 12 August 31, 2016 Centre-left White
Pagan Unity Party Shaoshan Pagan Party.jpg Pagans Julia Smith Pagan Rights, Wiccan Rights 2 November 11, 2015 Big tent Green
National Party National.jpg Nationals Diana Smith Civil Libertarianism, Civic Nationalism 2 July 15, 2015 Centre-right Yellow
Communist Party RWP flag.jpg Communists Titus Smith Communism, Revolutionary Socialism, Smithism 1 September 24, 2016 Far-Left Red