Phoklandian Antarctic Province

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Phoklandian Antarctic Province

Official language(s)Phoklandian, Spanish, Icelandic
Short namePhoklandian Antarctica
Antarctic Province
EstablishedJanuary 16th, 2020
Area claimed820 km²
CurrencyPhoklandian Union Dollar, US Dollar
Time zoneUTC-3:00 in Northarctica
UTC+12:00 in Arcelia
National drinkIce
Province of the Phoklandian Free State

The Phoklandian Antartic Province was a province of the Phoklandian Free State. It encompassed two counties, Northarctica and Arcelia, which themselves were composed of various districts. As its name implies, all territory in Phoklandian Antarctica was based on the continent of Antarctica.


In February of 2019, when Phokland was still a Tsardom, the Antarctic territories of Northarctica and Arcelia were annexed. When Phokland transitioned to the Free State government, many claims once considered to be provinces were turned into cities, and incorporated into larger provinces. Prime Minister Casper von Navārdia suggested doing the same to the Antarctic territories, and State President Charles Ross agreed. After a short planning period, the Phoklandian Antarctic Province was created.