People's Revolutionary Party (Erusia)

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People's Revolutionary Party (Erusia)
LeaderGrzegor Kucharski
FoundedDecember 12, 2009
Membership (2010)3
IdeologyCommunism, Single-party politics
National affiliationENCP, PSL
ColoursRed, Crimson

The People's Revolutionary Party (PRP) is the smallest legal political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and one of four parties permitted by the ruling Erusian National Communist Party, participating in an informal electoral coalition with it and the Party of Socialist Labour. Despite being a minor party itself, the People's Revolutionary Party is widely seen to be completely opposed to democratic reform in the Democratic People's Republic, favouring a return to full control of the political system by the Communist Party. In this respect, it has been seen as something of a front for the conservative faction of the ENCP. Specifically, the PRP calls for the continuation of Robert Lethler's policies during his term as General Secretary of the ENCP.

In Erusia's first free mutli-party election since Decemebr 2008, the PRP failed to win any seats in the National People's Assembly. This, along with the result of the National Party of Erusia, highlighted a fundamental flaw in the electoral system of the DPRE. The Revolutionary Party polled sixteen electoral votes, four more than the Party of Socialist Labour which won two seats. For this reason, the PRP favours a return to the use of a modified d'hondt method for Assembly elections - the only issue it campaigns independently on. Otherwise, the PRP generally follows the hardline left-wing of the ENCP, in the same way that the PSL tends to follow the moderate and liberal wings.