National Party of Erusia

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National Party of Erusia
PresidentAndrew Bowen
FoundedDecember 12, 2009
Membership (2010)4
IdeologyConstitutional Monarchism, Erusian Nationalism, National Conservatism
National affiliationDemocratic Party of Erusia

Officially Republican for legal reasons
Not to be confused with the Erusian National Communist Party or the Elarian National Party (ENP)

The National Party of Erusia (NPE), also known as the Erusian National Party (ENP) and prejoratively known as the Noble Party, was a minority political party in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia and one of five parties currently allowed under the law of that micronation for much of its life. Formed as the result of a split in the democracy movement within Erusia, the National Party was the only political party in the DPRE that was considered to be right-wing, being made up entirely of members of the now-abolished nobility of Erusia. Although the law of the Democratic People's Republic required it at the time to support Erusian Republicanism, it is widely believed that the NPE aspiresd to restore the Monarchy and possibly to ban the Erusian National Communist Party, which had been the de facto single-party in Erusia since January 2009. It was banned in 2010, and dissolved into the Democratic Party of Erusia.