Patiras lighthouse

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Patiras lighthouse
—  Lighthouse  —
Patiras lighthouse
Country Principality of Hélianthis
Island Flag of France.png Patiras Island
Elevation 46 m (151 ft)

The Patiras lighthouse is a lighthouse, now extinct, located northwest of the island of Patiras, in the municipality of Saint-Androny in the middle of the estuary of the Gironde. The Patiras lighthouse was built under Napoleon III (by decree of 24 March 1860) on the island of Patiras, it was lit July 20, 1879. In late 1992, the lighthouse is off. It can be visited from Blaye and is rented for receptions in the old keeper's house.

Since 2013 it is registered on the list of iconic buildings of the Principality of Hélianthis.