Parliament of Edelein

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Parliament of Edelein
1st Parliament
Edelein Coat of Arms.png
Term limits
1 year
FoundedJuly 20, 2019 (2019-07-20)
Preceded byNone
Prime Minister,
William DuffingtonSocial Unity Party
since July 26th, 2019
Deputy Prime Minister,
Speaker of the House of Subjects,
Abigail LambfieldSocial Unity Party
since July 26th, 2019
Leader of the Opposition,
George WëlkerConservative League
since July 26th, 2019
Lord Minister
Wayne von WheatleyThe Royals,
since Indefinite
Seats15 MPs
House of Subjects political groups

HM's Most Loyal Opposition

House of Subjects voting system
Party-list proportional representation
House of Subjects last election
House of Subjects next election
On or before July 26th, 2019
Meeting place

The Parliament of Edelein is the current legislative branch of the Kingdom of Edelein. Formed in 2019, after the signing of the new constitution. The Parliament replaced the old Parliament of Edelein as the nation's legislature. The Parliament's structure is based off of the United Kingdom's structure.

The Parliament is composed from members of each township in the Kingdom. They are elected once a year and can serve their term indefinitely if elected enough times. Each major city has 3 representatives, but each township has 1 representative in the House of Subjects.


The Edeleiner Parliament was created in 2019 following the foundation of the Kingdom. The Parliament has faced only one election and that was on July 26th, 2019. The 1st Parliament was elected and sworn in on that same date.

Power and Structure

The Structure of the Edeleiner Parliament is based on the structure of the United Kingdom's parliament. There are two legislative bodies, the House of Subjects and the House of Lords. The House of Subjects is composed of Members of Parliament that are elected by the people. The House of Lords are composed of Nobility of the Kingdom appointed by The King. The House of Subjects has the power to appoint the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the House of Subjects. The House of Lords on the other hand can appoint a Lord Minister to serve for their entire lifetime.

Both legislative bodies can appoint members of the Royal Court System, which is dedicated to carrying out the law across the land.

Last Election

1st Parliament of Edelein.png
Party Leader Votes % Seats +/–
Social Unity Party William Duffington 354 51.45% 8 New
Conservative League George Wëlker 236 34.30% 5 New
The Royals Winston P. Koala 98 9.80% 2 New