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PHPBank is a micronational economic system developed by Sander Dieleman. It was originally used by Antica, but today many other nations and organisations use the software for online banking and related financial activities.


It enables monetary transaction between members of the bank, though citizens are often given favorable treatment. The latest version is 1.0 which was released in August 2006.


Micronations Manager incorporates aspects of micronational currency, but is a more comprehensive suit which includes forums, share trading, and currency trading.

Other competitors include 'MicroExchange 2', which was known for its ability to automatically convert currencies since it runs on a single server, although it is thought by some to have inferior technology otherwise.

'MyBanco', and many "cash for posts" systems first seen in April 2005 on a message board in Breuddwyd allowed all members to earn "1 Gwy" for every post they make in the forum. This style is very commonly used up to this day, with many phpbb, IPB, SMF and Proboards modifications supporting it.

In the Dutch sector PHPBank has been enhanced to the PHPBank and Veenbank, in order to handle international transactions.

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